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Search Engine Optimization entire [Part -01] :: forum posting -01

Asasalamalaikuma. By the grace of God, I hope all is well. This is the first time in my life I karasi tune. I do not know how you take it. If you make a mistake and will see the eyes of forgiveness. Anyway, I told you I was coming up with a new post. Today I’ll show you how to become a forum posting.

First, you’ll be in a form that. Suppose we have a forum to went taite. Here you first get a new account. Login e-mail to confirm karunaerapara. The following pages will be like

Here you can see a lot of topics to dissolve. The “Introduction” and click on Find tapikasata.

“Start New Topic” and click on.

Since you’re new to this forum to write something here.

Phoramapostim became submit. The launch. After learning about a variety of topics, or if you wish to post. Now our real work. Is this the way to promote your blog or web site. Yes, say the roadsides. If you go to the settings of the profile.

From the “Signature” button click.

The following page will be redireced

This box has the title of your blog or web site likhunadharuna the title “Entertainment World”. Now it’s completely block or press Ctrl + a. Look like the picture below.

Here is a link from the toolbar at the top will get a toolbar, the toolbar, click on the link blocking position. The picture should appear on the bottom

Here’s your blog or Web site address. And click on the OK button. Now click on the Save button below. Promote your blog or web site was. Now when you see any of your post, then post the link below will show. The picture should appear on the bottom

Our forum posting was made.

How did you like but do not forget to talk about the forum posting. If you encounter any problems at our Facebook group balabenagrupe before the fall of the group will nitimalata. Because our group was very strict way to play the game. If you violate the ban was in accordance with the rules.

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