YouTube Online Support [Part -01] :: Topic Selection How to create gmail ID – Youtube English Tutorial

You  all are aware of the fact of my YouTube online support. Those who still do not know when they tune us  :  Seen  in this tutorial , if you have the work properly , you have to follow the tutorial, then I’ve Active will receive full support until the end.

A Gmail ID. Sign up now if you do not  choose. First, go to  information. As you can see from the image below  :

Click Create Account.

Would like the image below:

Your name,  password, like an e-mail a day  , mobile  number, select Bangladesh. Please note that your mobile number has to be with. You can verify the cause of a code on your mobile phone. Clicking on the following pages would like to sign up

I Agree to
After clicking to verify the mobile number will appear. Continue clicking on a message in the mobile code from asabemeseja
ok where to sit in the bottom of the page will appear as:

Your Gmail ID was created. Now with YouTube. What do you think of your first job.

1) Technology of the tutorial?

Ii) to sing?

3) to dance?

4) loves to have fun with your friends?

5) You can cook?

6) on paper, cloth to make something ?

7) Equipment loves?

8) something else you know?

Small things can be different. If you like math , English, good things can happen to the thousands. Think about your own work, karunakona If you likeAdd it to your question ? Who are you ? Can you ? What to do ? So what did you do ? You will come out a lot about yourself known and unknown. I’ll end here. What is your job?

Topics to be explored. What to do to fix it. If you just work with what you can do, I’m with you full support. Only now it is your duty to find out what is not working. What to do?

Group  to the tune. Ah, how well you know the topics discussed at the tune. I tuned dekhabaapani can select a topic, if you know what I’m on your support until the end.  Group  to the tune Use the hash tag #Youtube_Online_Support who can fix it yourself, do not work with the  taderatadera a Secret  Group  Creator regularly to discuss their problems and bhibinna step by step  tutorial will be about. All tutorials for everyone. The public

Group Will be tuned. But the support of its application for anyone who saw my tutorial today will prove to be

How did the tutorial listening to me and be with me.

Topics during the two days of the election for you.

If you have not lived through or staying in online courses will be selected.
It’s good to work with and understand what topics
I am unable to continue to rise. Menasana


Talk to me dinaamara karunameseja tune in to the Group.Thank you all. I’ll see you after two days. The next tutorial will customize the YouTube channel of the Creator.


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