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Youtube Online Support – Youtube Bangla Tutorial – Full Free Online Courses

Many people go to YouTube without knowing about bhibinna aseyadera fault YouTube Bangladesh’s position is going down. Another video stealing, working with adult content due to being suspended from Bangladesh each year hundreds of channels.

When I started working with YouTube on this sector of the nice things about me so far because of chiloyara channel was suspended.

The Group was started with the help of YouTube bhibinna. All those who are new to look forward to the target is trivial mockery. Most of us learn all there is to tune tiumenta. But all he wants to learn.

Many saw the interest in YouTube, but he still does not know how to do sign up for a Gmail ID. My question to them all sorts of online saportayekhane you can not you will be smaller.

People –

  • 1) Have patience,
  • Ii) have a desire to do something for yourself,
  • 3) PC and an Internet connection,

Despite not being able to understand how to do these things for them to support me.

Phrite completely.

Just the way you have to work for patience. You will be alone with naapanara I will always support. I’ll help you all kinds.

How many regular online support

1) You must have patience. Just think of all the work will be dropped. Money, view the idea should be discarded. When you do well you have to worry about money natakai you will find.

Ii) You must have your PC and an Internet connection.

[You can start with mobile phone but are then deprived of the benefits you will support me habenakarana PC-centric]

3) You will need to determine in advance what topics to work with. The better you know of such technology, the song’s throat like, you can cook, you can dance with your friends and loves to prenka these sorts of issues which you have a mind to work with what you know about what did not work, we will not habeya .

4) After all, you have to be friendly. Many people like you have here. You learn how to teach others to be mind.

If you feel you are the subject of the above will work with me, then you’re welcome.

Support will be offered online through Facebook Group.

You will see the first tutorial of the group will be discussed at the AHA-day tutorial will karabenaprasna.

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