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There is nothing new to say. Because of this support, many people know about. This is an online course. This course is not just the end of the tutorial, then what would be monitored, and all kinds of questions will be answered.
Today Part – II Today, we’ll discuss the topic. Topics will just tell you what to do, because many people still did not understand what topics to work with.

Some people say I’m a simple udadharana you can not do anything. I ask you to make fried eggs? It seems ridiculous, but you will find a video on YouTube saraca if the first 5,000 people whose views. See below if you understand:

I’m trying to say this thing is absolutely cares about minor issues. If you think everyone knows that in this subject, you do not have to do anything with YouTube. For each issue has been discussed by someone on Youtube. These should be the idea. Who has not ever see you again jinista own the show.

Imagine yourself trying to bring them out of hiding inside. You can start today with fried egg fried chicken can you tomorrow. If you do not start now fried egg fried chicken, but do not anymore. This up-to-U Think So, you do not know about you more than anyone else.

At first you may feel shy to come in front of the camera, that it does not shy away if dinalajja YouTube can not do anything.


Think about me. I hear the fear in his voice. I’m seeing the work. Who ever thought that I do not worry about it. I can not English, but I do not have back in my Bengali staunchly lagacchi.

Imagine being able to think about too many things today that it has made the video. You will be easy to think.

Go to Youtube and type: How to watch thousands of videos, short video of the little note of what they are bhidio. You can see a video of a sudden saw erakamaapani more people are doing it too, then you saw that you can see from there. Welcome to this online course you have the patience to try.

Two more thing: When you get a topic on Google Trends can verify the topic. How many people can see what the saraca about this topic. I showed on bhidio. And then you can see the topics on how to bid. Ed will show on your video that you can see what its value would be like. I also showed video. When you first go to Google Adwords see the image below. Click on the image to the red line

After clicking on the following pages will appear as shown below

Just e-mail will be Bangladesh Country Time zone +6.00 Currency will give the US Dollar. Save & Continue, then click on whatever you would like the image below

In fact, the tools, click on the photo and click on the keyword planner. I meant to write the work, then it is not possible to take a look at video showed. Thanks beginning today. -3 Parata to come tomorrow. How to Channel Create. Customize it to do.

In fact, online support will be given to those who have the time to learn. Those who are still interested in you have time to read my previous post if you agree with us, you are welcome. Thank you all will be well. My tutorial group, which is supported by the bhibinna question.


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