You can not catch coins bit too easily.

Earn Bitcoin

How to create an account:

Create Account / very easy to open. First, I read this tune well. Then follow the rest of the tutorial tune it to work.

1. First, go to this link> will appear in the following

II. The 1st and the last part of the name in the Name field> Email box and your email address> Password box and enter your password> Create Bitcoin Wallet Now click on the link at the end of the tick mark.

3. Then you will be able to verify the e-mail address. Go to your e-mail address and click on VERIFY MY EMAIL ADDRESS-. If you open a new window close. Then enter this site again login with your email address and password (registration at what used to be). If I understand correctly, you can login to your account could Creator.

(Login will appear in the following)

4. From here Tools (1) of the Bitcoin Addresses click on a page like the following will appear. The Create New Address (2) wait a bit. The address below (3). Copy or save it on a notepad, then use the coins bit of income from the site and for each login.

Offers Permanent-mail address or you can get by going to account, see figure
5. You may want to account if verified by the mobile phone number. The account login and click Verify a Phone. A message can be mobile. There will be required to input the code here. In this case, the coins will be ekaunteranirapatta base. However, the option to add or verify a bank account will not need to do it now.

Bit coins ayah

This site from the proceeds of the rough is. Very simple  . Many sites are exactly the same. Dissolve as the work on this site. I’ll link to sites that selectively dissolve to confuse the site, I got the payment. sites list is in my blog you can check that if you wish.


The first bit of the gateway account and made a lot of coins like a pager. Now I will have to earn. In fact, I have seen many sites to earn a bit of coins. None that I did not like. How many sites that have seen a lot of scams. That bit lutache coins with the name of the business benefit. Moreover, monitoring aachi himself. If so, then the next best site I will post. Yet there is no reason to upset. If you desire a bit phribhabe coins will link to a site where you will find coins per ghantate bit of work, without any kind !!

1. First  on this link to go

The following is like a page will appear. The work of the ad tatharupa :

Your Bitcoin Address – earlier in the day made the Bitcoin addresses.

Password For Your Account – to enter your password.

Repeat Password – the same password again.

Your Email – Enter your email address here.

Sign up and then click on the button diameter. Your account has been. Do not need to verify your email.

Then go on a bit coins> Have Account Click> here kayenabeja account address and password please login.

(Kayenabeja account you are coins base address on the registration link in the 36 wards received from the mean)

II. Identify the parts of the image and fill in the fields and kepaca click the LOGIN button. Then will come the following pages. The parts marked No. 1

Then fill the box kepaca nancihnita ROLL! (3) Click on this.

3. If you like the image below timer (2) arise if the Success. Arayadi Invalid Code is written, and then again in the yabeebhabe TRY Offers Extended you can not catch it. Come and meet kepaca ROLL- 1 hour after the click. You’ll see a bit of coins have been added to the account. Thus, after 1 hour, go to the website and to catch hold. See figure 3 below shows nancihnita catch my part.

Payment time came Payment words. It is 100 % in favor of the causes account for 1 year in almost 100 times more than the pay received. Moreover, my friends , many of it with the relationship  , many of them have about 10-15 times higher payment. They pay every Monday. Balance your account if you are more than 0.00005460 bitakayenera atometikabhabe Monday it will go to your account. Nayemana you need to do this tune I’ve tested myself. As a freelance, and blogs on the net for 10-14 hours, I occasionally have to. So use this opportunity. You can put as much. Kenana  

1. Like any other PTC site is a waste of time. Or can not click. To Freelance with
the task as soon as you can. If only to fill in the Captcha ghantate. People become a bit of freelancers are earning a lot of coins.

II. While not in any danger of being damaged or does not delete the account.

3. Yara using a few megabytes. They ghantate to enter the site after the end of
the day closed net connection. Then again, do the same. We do not need to turn to the net connection unnecessary.

4. Since the user is still low. Because these sites are feeling a bit coins are phribhabe. What happens next may
Who knows! So it seems to be a bit of time to get all the coins is the problem?

5. Invest here, something Donate conditions there.

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