The payment is 100% guaranteed way to earn online.

We all use fairly phejabuka. I basically facilitate the understanding of this issue will be discussed. Nowadays, all our Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, and we are in the Account to use them regularly. The Social Media sites Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, by Like, Follow, Share the Money earn can be very easy.

The rules are easy to see and work step by step account.

First ? , click on this link ? and then skip this add 5 secend click on the Create Account, then click on Register. The pictures follow below.

Create an account after clicking on the Account will aphasana rejistisana. Such as the following photo

At the top of the Box name, username, Email address and password and click the I ACCEPT CREATE MY ACCOUNT bar. Then your e-mail for a confirmation link will appear, click on the link to confirm the account. Account login with username and password and then you will see the image below.

Now faccbook account associated with your account when you click on the image below to see the f connect.

Go to App, please click on the linked account. Credits can see the image below.

Credits are a faccbook page by clicking on the come, first by clicking on the Like the Follow Credits earn that. If you click on the page complete update. In this way, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube account, you can add one of Credits earn more.

When your account 2804 Credits = 15 EUR via Alert Pay or Paypol or Payza you can Cash out.

Payment Proof is in the picture below.

That’ll be all, thank you.

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