Take 15 Exquisite BIO-DATA format before taking Miss., Learn to easily change MS Word’s Bangla and English Fonts by changing keyboard F2, F3.

No more for the cammaj store. Run for the new person. Only after knowing the minimum computer can be used to create your own BIO-DATA / CV. There are 15 different formats designed to do this. How to tune the Bangla and erage fonts by pressing a button. It is also possible to write in writing. So keep an eye out carefully. Please do not hurry. Trying to simplify new old people Arabena.

Asalalamu Alaikum. Thanks to TicTunes at first. Thanks to that, I have learned to learn something. I have become very vulnerable to feeling so passionate about me. When somebody can learn something, he can not learn from whom he can learn the jinns. So far the mind does not subside. Many Bhai Facebook / Skype / Mobile phone calls to me thanks to which Many people have become my fan and have become very fan following: In the meantime, you have given so much love to me that I am really happy and I am really proud. I am very happy to teach you. In my opinion, I do not have any pleasure in learning if I can teach it to someone else. I think that this tune will be of great help to all. Let’s go to the main topic. In general, we are going to the composite store to make a good quality CV / BIO-DATA because we think Creating a CV by typing so much is a long-term factor. But if you have all the great formats of CV / BIO-DATA and you only have to change the name and address of your CV If you think it is okay then it will be a good idea. You can make your own life spell by mixing it with your mind. And everyone wants it. Here are 15 formats. CV of the page, CV of 2 pages, CV of 3 pages, CV of 3 pages, 4 pages CV, CV of 5 pages, CV of 6 pages, and so on. Simultaneously, just by downloading it will be just edit. However, many roles have now come to work step-

➡Click here to download 15 BIO-DATA- Download

Job Steps:

1.It is beautifully formatted, 15 pages, 2 pages, whatever you want. Only after changing your name, Father’s name, and others, the CV will be created immediately. Then it will be printed with 5 pennydays. 😀It does not matter.



Now let’s go to the second tune ➡

When we write Bengali with victory in office or home, the most common problem is that when MS Word is required to write an English Bangla Word together, that is why every time I go to fonts, sutonnyMJ has to give Bangla for English again Times New Roman That is why it is a waste of time. So I am now teaching you a command

Note that the following formula s ➡


১.MS Word Open করে File>Word Option

২.  ৩.Customize>৪.Customize তারপর ➡

3. Scroll down the bottom of the screen and select “SutonnyMJ” and drag it to the right side below. SutonnyMJ, F2 Butt, then click Assgin. [If you do not get this font, then download it from here and install it. Which should be inside the fonts on your PC.

Then then ➡

4.Then, for Times New Roman, see F3 which is at the top of the keyboard. Assign and OK.

5. Then F2 will come when SutonnyMj arrives. And when pressing F3, the Times new roman will come. So you do not have to search the fonts over time. Fast typing in English Bangla without holding the mouse. 🙂

Finish 🙂  Thank you for being so kind.

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