Search Engine Optimization entire [Part -16] :: SEO some serious discussion of -03 [Advanced SEO]

Today I will discuss the basics of search engine optimization is basically up to the advanced level. A full search engine optimizer to be a lot of things you need to know. The tips you need to know more. When I talk about SEO, and more than all the words are useless to say more. BSE and talk without meaning. Many people think it is, I would not be there to teach other topics going on. The main thing that came to my first class, she was confused at first hours. In response to the right side on the first brother was very angry. And at these words, each of the first class to listen to me. E = mc square one because the original creator of the earth, there is no evidence to prove it, then it will be E = SEO. In fact, at the root of all this is that when the first BSE, and you will understand the logic. Who can prove anything with that logic you will not at this one. When you get inside the thing is, when you’re well-positioned to dominate this logic well at the BSE, and would seem to be easy for you. Indeed, I now understand why those words.

One aspect of the study will start today in a variety of ways to practice logic. This is not your friend than with others. This is not because of something you see only your friend can respond to your words. So, a nice way to practice logic Friend Hu. You know something is wrong, but that’s the wrong thing as a right to be present in front of your friend. Even if your friend knows it’s wrong, but the wrong thing at the right of your main job is to replace him. And when you do this you can easily see when the water is SEO. Not only SEO. You were one step ahead in terms of education. Do you know has a question on an exam, but you can easily answer that question. The question to answer because you let your logic. This question is actually what you’re thinking of saying something you able to answer that question based on. It proved a thing. Today, you try to see the benefit. Sir, for two years I just kept on logic. He’s always trying to convince me that somebody says something wrong. He knew that logic, the logic of somebody breaking in any way that I could not get out. The distraction is my day, sir, and I’ll prove it to me bhulbhala can not. In this way, sir, and went inside me and my fierce fight. Even to the logic of winning the fight. And wherever I go, sir, there would have been no more fighting with topics. This is much more than I am of my knowledge of logic. However, now I am able to do. I have yet to win away from him to shed a lot of sweat. He wished me a lot of time jetai.

The logic would be nice to know all the words to something. A perfect search engine optimizer can tell is obligatory for you to be at the logic. We give you the strength to think about the logic of reason. He was able to answer any questions any muhurate. We all know that SEO is no chapter. However, when you raise yourself as an SEO optimizer that he will be facing some awkward questions that sometimes you do not know. But what you say to him? So if you can not find the answer to You in connection with the dust and dirt will begin to Insult with misiye. He knows that’s not the answer you with logic to create an answer. He did not want to admit it but his logic is broken, replace your logic at noon on the work of an SEO specialist. And he is able to do these tasks jinii can claim as a Specialist. The logic behind the fact that there is so much chatter, because those are some of the reasons that the previous era, but there is no baratamane. Backlinks, a website Bookmarking but who simply can not be brought forward. It will be updated several normal. But if you can not deal with the situation Saath you ever do an SEO specialist. And that’s why it’s time to deal with a situation that does not come with logic, you can bring a site to rise to the top.

So many things were on logic. A little work now goes toward. Suppose you’ve got a job from a client. No work is a key word at the top position on Google will come to you with what you need to know and what you need to do is talk about today.

প্রাথমিক যে কাজ গুলো করা প্রয়োজনঃ সর্ব প্রথম আপনি ক্লায়েন্ট এর কাছ থেকে সাইট এবং কি ওয়ার্ড নিলেন এখন আপনাকে যে কাজ গুলো করতে হবে সেটা হল প্রথমে আপনাকে যে কি-ওয়ার্ড টি গুগল এ সার্চ করতে হবে দেখতে হবে প্রথম ১০ টি সাইট এর সব কিছু।

Which requires bisesabhabeh

  • Page Rank Rank habepeja to see when you can use this tool. Tool linka here .
  • Habebyakalinka to see the site’s backlinks when you can use this tool. Tool linka here .
  • Key word tool to see what keywords the competition Competition habeki-Word when you can use this tool. Tool linka here .

Now you do the same for your clients or your site. If you like your site at the top of the research. If you act now complete.

Now turn your thoughts. Because you now have to figure out what the site is doing what I parabaki to bring the positions of the site you are able to come up with the idea to start. Accordingly, you will no longer work. And when you utilize the power of the thought to be successful, then you are a perfect search engine optimizer. One thing is that you should usually play a lot of web sites that do not work, they do not work with the key word. But the site is in the top position. So, what happened in these wards is very easy to come up with the top positions. Because the site is not working with the key word. But the visitors coming. And the key word that you will succeed if you work with, and we’d be able to gyadara parima traffic. So you have to work on a site. However, several important things to keep their heads now. Because of BSE and are constantly being updated. Updating the going harder. So you do something that is worth to you forever. The inside of there.

  • Backlinks. However, follow-du-related and high Page Rank.
  • Wiki, idu, not haipeja Gov backlinks to rank.
  • Guest blogging, but not as much. Can not be both. And a little more emphasis will always be on the guest blogging.
  • Web .0 your keywords will help a lot to bring the total to rise to the top.
  • Many at the forum posting helpaphula. From here the visitor’s lot, including the importance of Keyword found. But the Forum and follow-du-related work, I am a lot more.
  • Social media marketing will work a lot more hours. Linkadina, tumitara Facebook and you will be a lot more work.

This will bring you to a site to the top. I have to figure out how much work is done on the site will bring. But one thing that you can do to keep their heads did not pay off. Mathai always remember that today, more than 0% of the amount will be working tomorrow. This formula will continue to work at keeping their heads. I hope you will be successful.

So many nice things today paryantasamanera phase will expect this. A perfect search engine optimizer will always wish to win.

I hope you understand me clear the way. If a person fell on the issues sujasuji come to our Facebook group. If a group is not me, not my Facebook messages. Be careful, however, comply with regulations nioma group, but is a very strict way.Please read the group a little before the group will nitimalata.

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