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First of all do not agree. I’ve tekatiunase new account. In fact, my previous account ( Tafseer Ahmed ) from TT TT’s modaretaragana has stopped. He was, however, a reason. Although the inner regulations of the TT. I took out the policy partridge post. Because it was written with a TT. But it was written in anger. However, given that it is not excluded. TT’s modaretaragana If you can add to it with my cereal.

Today, I will discuss the content of hacked. Google SEO provides the inside of the content is more important. That is, the content is called King. In fact, for some time, and I was trying to make sense of what everyone else thinks about the current SEO. As usual, everyone says the same thing. That’s right, I’ll say the same thing. But I do not give priority to all of the content in any way. However, much will discuss the issue later. As a priority, so now all the content on the content of some hackers have begun reading eye. These are the contents of the hacked. Since we know that what is content? We will not talk about this subject so long. Still, he says, we are content ekabara would say we publish on our blog posts that are unique. We are generally content to tell him.

Km hacked content

Go to your site without the permission of any kind inside your text to insert the contents of another, to be removed from Google search, content with entering the inside of the myaluoyara bhisitaradera who has been confused at the hacked content.

How the content may be hacked, I’ll try to understand some of the examples of how content may be hacked

1) injekteda kantentah  a hacker to gain access to your site’s existing pages within your site, they tried to enter malicious content. Most of the time they are injected directly into the site in the form of Javascript Push. And this is why it is called injekteda content.

Ii): The added content or add content  When the security trutirakarane hackers or malicious content on your site by adding the spami. It usually does not add new pages. This is meant to correctly search engines about pages. Hacking of your current page does not show any symptoms. But finding these new pages of your site visitor a feeling of uneasiness because of the stand entertained. As a result, performance is not good for your site.

3) The hidden content or hidden kantentah  hackers also try to meet your site’s current pages correctly, so that they are filled with millions. Their goal is difficult for search engines and visitors to your stand. During the search the content of your site is added to the page using HTML, CSS, or hidden links or the content. The clocking as it can be complicated to change.

I do so because it gave them the yesababhabe your content can be hacked. If your site is hacked content quickly via Google said it will make your web master tools. Hackers inside your site in any kind of reminds injection into the myaluoyara However, Google said. By identifying your site from the search results, Google will protect you. So what other users are protected from this attack.

If you follow a few tips if you are having this type of infection and it will give you a lot of work.

1) (a) Site daunah any  kind of site down without delay. This is to prevent your site from others who sankramana system. That is very important.

(B) Contact:  Contact hostara your site faster. They will take steps to address this issue.

(C) nemah user passwords and  change all your passwords and usernames. For example, FTP access, admin panel, content management system authoring accounts.

If you get access to your server, Google will show 503 code. It is understood quickly come back to your site. So that your visitors can see. Taking it offline, however, is crawled. Robot.txt used to prop it better.

Ii) If you’ve been down the site. Then you need to identify the damage caused to your site. How is it below.

(A) The first Google sephabraujim (SafeBrowsing) analysis you will have to go on. ((,  will be the jaigate your site’s URL. Google automatically your site to give it to the current situation all the information.

(B) up to date and scan your computer using the scanning program. Because a hacker can add malicious code on your computer. If you’re sure to scan your content. Scan the image files into text-based files. Because the image can imabeda malicious code inside.

(C) If your site looks infected, then go to your Google Webmaster Tools Health (Health), click the myaluoyare  (Malware), click. Then the sample URL yegula have been affected. The myaluoyare  (Malware) will be county codes. Sometimes unscrupulous hackers to add the URL to the new site.

(D) the URL Removal Tool to Use Webmaster Tools. Send the request to remove the hacked pages.

(E) the Google report

(F) from the Google Webmaster tools for your site to review said. Webmaster Tools go to Health (Health), click the myaluoyare  (Malware), click. The review request (Request Review), click on.

And thus you will save your site from the search results come back the right way search engines. Who is your site’s content, which can save you from a big loss. Another important thing to keep in mind, however, other types of hackers means a lot of time inside a technique that is not understood. We see a lot of computer software for the update message is on the screen. Or provides messages to update any plugins. We have to update it without any kind of claim. It’s not at all. What I’m trying to update it before you will see, did not have to be installed. Then you will update the software to access the main site. Because hackers can hack different disguise your site’s content. Today, at the way hackers are now on the way to choose. The script always be a little careful. The site was attacked after allowing the first move script. If you would be more effective at preventing a lot.

*** And if you want to kraimadera content on this site ( httpwwwantiphishingorg can kamaplena through. The world keeps an eye on the site. On kraimakariderake that appropriate arrangements.

*** You can also go to this site

They will give you a solution to your problem in detail told. And what will be the roadsides. This site is controlled by Google, Mozilla, PayPal, various organizations, including stops hackers. They will try to secure the maximum.

*** If your site is byanada by Google if you look at this video on your site can retrieve

* WE Stop Badware * am trying for a long time with an agreement signed by all the bloggers and web master of these duskrtidera from K to defend. But the need for 50 thousand dollars. This one is no government interference. Many people are suffering as a result on. When a site and make a lot of trouble by spending money to raise their weaknesses, some miscreants who am wasting away at that site. I do not know the right way to get out of here will not be so many people out. As a result of the trouble was in vain. As far as I’ll try to inform everyone who has heard read-write. I hope that your site will be able to protect you.

I hope you understand me clear the way. If a person fell on the issues sujasuji come to our Facebook group. If a group is not me, not my Facebook messages. Be careful, however, comply with regulations nioma group, but is a very strict way.Please read the group a little before the group will nitimalata.

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