Search Engine Optimization entire [Part -14] :: blogspot meta tags, meta discription and marking Part -01 [Off-Page SEO and On Page]

Ladies and Gentlemen. How are you? I hope that the grace of God is much better. I am blessing you’re a lot better. Anyway, today we are discussing it. Today, we will discuss how Social Bookmarking niyetara ago I told you in the last phase will diskripasana blogspot meta tags and meta? At the end of this discussion, we will leave to our original discussion.

Blogspot I know this subject, visit the link below and I hope you will get the solution of the two.

Nambarah1 link nambara Blogspot Class 3

Nambarah2 linked to the number of Class -4 Blogspot

Now we will go to the discussion.

First let us know what is Social Bookmarking?
Social Bookmarking is a large community of online users. News of the different types, different types of writing, editing Bookmarking is kept. If you figure out a different way to tell if your friends can tag your site’s text. Now, if you have more to say that, if you put up a site like Bookmarking If you roadsides. Likewise, there are some sites at your site and helps to keep the bookmark. You can keep your site with a variety of posts here. What others can see.
Why You Need Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking can read a wide variety of different types of categories. When I first learned SEO and Social Bookmarking And who would now read news from a variety of different types of reading news. And there is no one to read it, I was reading in one of the dhuke. So you see how much traffic you can get from there. In addition, the quality of the backlinks you will receive a. Which is a big important role for your site. One thing aphapeja SEO or link building is an important chapter. . Of course it should. Good only unique visitors and for links.

So now we are today to submit a Social Bookmarking sites link to see roadsides. Social Bookmarking sites confuse inside a site is reputable dig dot com ( We will look at how to work at the site.
If you go first at the above site. According to step down skrinasarta showed.

Nambarah1 first step go away. The following pages will be like.

Step nambarah2 your Facebook or Twitter account, log in and go to dige. Now, Facebook or Twitter account by account, log in to dig. The following pages will be like.

See a lot of news coming. Popular niujagula dissolve any news showing all of which have to rise to the top. Now you come down on the page. And “Submit a Link” Click. Two would like the image below.

Now you can post the URL of your site stepah3 Bookmarking want to copy the URL of the post. See the picture below does not understand

Stepah4 URL and submit copies. Dige submit. Please note the following before submitting skrinasarta.

Thus, at each individual post you submit your site. You’re unique visitors to your site will gain. And increasing the amount of your link.

Note: In the last post I told you that the link wheel link to Bookmarking coach. I hope you now understand the link wheel and bukamarikam.
Marking an important stage in front of a work showing two prominent’ll list some Bookmarking sites Hughes.
I hope you understand me clear the way. If a person fell on the issues sujasuji come to our Facebook group. If a group is not me, not my Facebook messages. Be careful, however, comply with regulations nioma group, but is a very strict way. Please read the group a little before the group will nitimalata.

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