Search Engine Optimization entire [Part -13] :: Meta tyagah title, keywords, diskripasana, Robot [OnPage SEO]

What kind of gift can be tuned to the beginning of the new year to you too kanaphiusana was roadsides. Many thought the tune written today. Off-Page SEO is very important for today’s tune. BSE and the first to do that is to dissolve it in the matter. Today we will discuss the details of Meta. One last thing before. Forgot to write the last episode. That link will be marking the wheel at each link. No one at the front of this book marakim episode will discuss. Leaving today’s episode.

First, we need to know what meta tags (What is meta tag):

                                                      “The meta tags are a very important part of the HTML code of your web page. They are read by the search engines but are not displayed as a part of your web page design. Usually they include a concise summary of the web page content and KEYWORDS Them in Your Relevant you should include. Most meta Tags are included Within The ‘HEADER’ Code of a Website. The Most important are Tags The TITLE, description, and KEYWORD s Tags robot.

The meta tag is an HTML code which is very important for your web site. Meta tags are used primarily for search engines. Your site visitors will enter through an individual key word search. And the key word meta tag to marketing plays a great role. Meta tags are inside the web site. Always in search of search engine meta tag is a first priority. If you have a good idea of ​​how much importance.

The inside of meta tags are:

1) Title (Title) ii) key word meta (Meta Keyword Tag) 3) diskripasana Meta (Meta Description Tag) 4) meta robots tags (Meta Robot Tag)

Today I will discuss the details of these 4 karabaami the article I wrote on the subject of the article I am always keep in mind that is unique. Just as today’s article. Many people asked me to write an article on how unique. See guys in their meta tags but with a certain content. In the same way, but it will tell you about sabaika about meta tags. But I see that things are a bit more detailed and easier to write. But the same thing. To change the style of presentation that I am just proposing. Nothing else. However, the question of who was going to say I told you on the next episode. I hope you got your answer. I’m still not clear if he will understand me.

Now come the real thing. That was about meta tags. Well, meta tags inside of the 4 raichena thing we will learn more about the issues and dissolve.

1) Title (Title): One thing you should always Mathai is the title of your site in the major fix. You should take such a title as the title of your site will be the key word. Entertainment on your site listed at one. What will the site’s key word? Yes, now you can select a key word in the term that describes the key word into your site. Entertainment World, as you take the site’s title, then going to see the inside of the Entertainment dialogue. So that your site is now Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood etc., you can write on. If you just write that Bollywood World Bollywood could write about. This would lower your standard a bit. So, how should you understand the title. I will try as much as possible to keep the title a little. And little by key word that has the ability to tell more about your site. Where is the title of the show is below.

That is, it takes the inside or the site’s HTML

We therefore see that the

Ii) key word meta (Meta Keyword Tag): What’s the key word at this surely has to be clear. Now the key word Meta Being the subject. Yes Meta key word nothing else, will highlight some of your key word. How many key word for example, you select your site. How do you know that search engines have certain key word. The key word you are trying to gain traffic to your site. Meta key word to understand it, and you can use. First, your site’s search engine, the search key word when he falls dissolve. Speciality is Google it. If you understand the importance of meta key word. Always remember one thing, what happened in the meta keywords will start from 10 am to 4 pm. But if that’s something that I did not say anything. Will not be a problem. But the ax hit his leg. Nothing more. Reducing the value it will bring your site. I am certain that I always will be. Meta key is how Ward is shown below.

This is pages. It is the only search engine is looking for. Therefore, it is Hyde.

3) Meta diskripasana (Meta Description Tag): Meta diskripasana is an interesting thing. If you write an article just to be inside of 00 wards, which are artikelata your site is about. So how do you understand the article’s serious. Search engines always search for a consistent manner. Diskripasanao Meta search engine but an important term. Always write a lot of heads at the Meta diskripasana. Because your site is about a lot of things. Now you are thinking on the inside of a 00 word article would be made to raise. Article on the mast must be unique. The article should be written in such a way that your site’s key word dissolve reveals his inside. If you can understand how it is possible to write articles for khatale diskripasana Meta. Below is how the show is diskripasana Meta.

That is, it takes HTML pages inside

Later we see it here:

4) The robot meta tags (Meta Robot Tag): meta robots tag actually go to the search engine of an engine. That is, when the search engine is the search by the robot. At issue in that case you need your site to the search engines that will pejatake I will then search engine. And I do not think I will not give pejatake search engine. This is the way. The robots meta tag is the roadsides. Robots meta tag is actually 4 types.

  •    Inadeksa follow (Index-Follow): these are at the first page of your site from the search engine robot will start crawling. The rest of the pages will continue to dissolve.
  •    No inadeksa follow (Index-No Follow): No follow a particular tag, which tells search engines not to follow any of the links. No link follow the link to the site’s owner. The owner of the site does not say it, I do not want to see a common link. Such links are no-follow links to dissolve.
  •   No inadeksa follow (No Index-Follow): The first page of the search engine will scrip. But the rest of the pages will dissolve crawl.
  •    No inadeksa no follow (No Index-No follow): dissolve your pages to be crawled by the robot and the web site will not be indexed by the search engines.

It is also because the inside pages of the search engine’s robot is just.

This is the meta robots tag. Are you happy now that you can use roadsides. We learned so many things. But I do not know how to do these. Yes, I would say roadsides. How to do. Your site’s hosting account, you c-panel (cPanel) go to. Then dissolve edit the HTML code. If your meta tag was complete. Now, you can surely work. Altogether, we now take a look at a small Trial based on our work.

I hope my words, you will not be difficult to understand. But bloggers do not worry. How do you use meta tags. He saved it will write down the front of the stage. Today I do not feel good to write.

If a person fell on the issues sujasuji come to our Facebook group. If a group is not me, not my Facebook messages. Be careful, however, comply with regulations nioma group, but is a very strict way. Please read the group a little before the group will nitimalata.

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