Search Engine Optimization entire [Part -10] :: backlink [aphapeja SEO]

Asasalamalaikuma. how are you all ? Dinagula Ramadan, how is it going? But do not forget to tell. Came before the Eid. But the market has been my festival. I do not like to say that the amount of time gift. Phrendara me this time was the first gift. Dinagula going very well. What about you? Glad to write today. College holidays. Only fun and moving around. I’ve been working on your site for longer. The tune will be around for another tune before Eid.

Anyway, we started with was aphapeja. OnPage closed taught that a visit would be difficult to understand those who are new to them. OnPage then shall the end aphapeja. OnPage at Souza, then you will feel like water. Aphapeja 1 pm to discuss things have become. The forum posting roadsides.

The number will discuss that today. In today’s issue of the backlink. Surely everyone is familiar with the backlink sentence. Linkabyaka inbound links is another name for the link is on the way. However, the links and details about the link will then be able to learn all of the things dissolve. But now I tell you the names of some linkerah

1) Inbound Links,

Ii) internal link,

3) external everything in manually -1) risiprakala link, ii) On the Way Links.

This is a very important part of the site for a backlink. Backlink to the site will be known as Google. If you are familiar with Google on your site, and will rise. When someone does a Google search. The emphasis is on Google backlink. Backlinks play an important role in this case is serious. The more backlinks a site has, and he has the power of the amount. If something more is at roadsides backlink to your site is the key word of the flower can be more. When Google page rank when you consider the fact that the site is a matter of how much am powerful. And Google will check your back links. Not so much for getting the backlink page rank. And then it was caught.

In fact, it tells how much pain the importance of backlink. When you work directly prakatikale, he realized how much this one stands parabena. The importance of backlinks to your site to make the most popular. The most powerful backlink is a link to a high page rank you can du follow relative links. If the amount of profit that would be another 50 backlink backlink 1 if the amount to be received. The more backlinks you can increase the amount you will gain.

However, the importance of the amount of backlink I mean I think. Backlinks will teach you how to do so now. Backlink for the two codes are used. Who says an HTML (HTML) code for the BB code is another. HTML code is used everywhere. BB code is used, where is it to understand? Here is the HTML code used to say there will not be used. BB code should be used. The HTML code that can be used anywhere. There is no specific place. Two codes are written below. Then I will show how to do the skrinasarta. Suppose you have a web site for the backlink. How am using the code for the site

HTML Code: <a href=””> Google </a>

HTML code is the site of a bhengecure balih <a hrefhttpwwwapanara URL”> your site’s key word </a>

BB Code: [URL = “”] Google [/ URL]

Now, how byakalinkah

Stepah 01: First Visit a Web site httpwwwmysecondmillioncomfacebookpages5thiingsgetrightorfail . The following pages will look like. If you fill out all of the ferrule. 

Stepah 02: -This bar and submit. See the following pages will look like.

See you at the show is the key word. Now when you click on the key word will go to your site. And this was to be your backlink. So please. See plenty of visitors and your key word at the top of the page and Google are coming. Your site is becoming popular.

The new site, and the list of those who are wondering where they would get. Any site that is going to backlink. Google search will be a little pain “Backlink Site List” or “Blog Comment Site List or” Leave comment Site List “and the search it. This is the primary way to search it. Later, teach the search term. How is search on Google. Front subudhara episode, I’ll list some backlinks.

Now, none of the issues that may not supposed to backlink. If you think there is a problem then. Be careful if sujasuji asabenatabe to our Facebook group, but the group is very strict way nioma comply with regulations. Please read the group a little before the group will nitimalata.

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