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Asasalamalaikuma. By the grace of God, I hope all is well. Your blessing and I’m fine. Good luck holy month of Ramadan. After all, in fact, as I write, there is no mind. I know a lot of great SEO optimizer tekatiunase achetai not say that I do not know this. Tune in if you would like to share today, via the comments section. I did not write the tune. The next phase will last. I think the food here is if you do not die. I just got the hell time is wasted. Knowing this is a waste of time to listen to stupid people do not like. Am in a lot of trouble. I am making that up until now he did not say anything to me. I was surprised to think. Today tune with the guys who are doing this kind of behavior, if you have the courage to send the chest in front of me about BSE and the desire jatagula. Not more than 5 pm if I can answer the question, I’ll drink water and wash your feet.

However Topics of discussion about it. Today I’ll talk about linkabildim. Linkabildim aphapeja is an important part of SEO. Off-Page Optimization Keyword Research as much importance. Aphapeja apatimajesane linkabildim just as important. So the best way to learn about linkabildim. I linkabildim about today. Linkabildim hear the word indicates that, for a site link. The link in different ways to different oyete linkabildim it. Linkabildim the best definition I do not know. But I think it would not be the clear definition. However, we realized that the thing to do linkabildim.

That is to say, this link is to dissolve the linkabildim the Way How many have to dissolve will discuss the issue today. What to do with all that confuse linkabildim Way – Word is no longer used. So what is the first – the word should be a priority. I have discussed in detail below, the beautiful way.

Backlinks (Backlink): If another site links to your site, it may byakalinkahate this link to your site homepage or any other page of your site’s incoming links or inbound links to a linkabyakalinka. White Hat SEO (White hat SEO) are two ways to do madhyebyakalinka. Through an anchor text. And with a BB codes.

Outbound Link (Outbound link): Outbound links are links to other sites backlinks to your site, which means the opposite of the outgoing thakeautabaunda link to link. External links to your site is regarded as baunda out. In fact, there are many different ways to use it. We will discuss the details of the out-bound links.

Internal link (Internal Link):  This is one page to another page on your site where yemana linkaeta extremely important to your site if you ekapeja tutorial series to the next page with a link to the previous page enakara text backlink to your site as dibenaeta PageRank karabeete bareuikipidiyara line to see how many site contains links to those sites.

Blog Comments (Blog Comment): Blog comment links you can create. The key word here is pabana prakrita price. Because this is considered only at the site of the link. Hard time to understand were the starters. Nothing but trouble. If you do not feel like water straight. So there is no reason to worry.

Posting Forum (Forum Posting): Link building is an important forum posting Way. 3 pm are the benefits of having a forum posting on your site you can link to the original, the second is at the back links you can use your key word. The third is at the post, you can bring a huge amount of traffic. The forum comes a lot of visitors gain a huge amount of work, corresponding to the forum. I have proof of auto czar. For my site I seriously have a high kampitisanera key word Choice. Forum postings and plenty of it. Google’s second page of my site coming up in just 15 days. So how do you understand the importance of the forum posting.

Ensara byakalinkam Yahoo (Yahoo Answer Back linking):  It’s on the site, Yahoo ensara going to find the kind of questions relative to the site’s link to the Yahoo ensara byakalinkam it. Let the visitor to gain a lot from it. This one will have to focus on. But not much. Though he said. However, for those who want to gain visitors per month, Hughes is byakalinkam ensara Yahoo.

Link Wheel (Link Wheel) : link wheel is a different kind of music blogs, writing articles is a key word into a link to the Web site of the link wheel. Related articles to write your own site. Articles must be involved with the site. I say thanks for writing an article in the course of 3 to 100 wards – wards should have. In this case, however, that the main key to your Web site, the key word is the word to use. Suppose you wrote an article on Ward 500. Oyarda use of what was inside the 15. You did not use it as a link to your site will highlight the rest of the eyeball 14. This is the link wheel.

Eksacenjah Link  Link Link eksacenja flower is the most power. You can put a link to your site. The site links to you in exchange for promotion karaleete ranka pages will help you get your very quickly. Rankera sites with high page views a lot of time looking at your site’s link to the dollar. This is the link between eksacenja.

Today, we talk about link building. Later, you can write to dissolve skinasata This will show through. Today I wanted to write meta tags samaprake. But everyone said buladim link to write about. This is written for.

Thank you all end up like the situation today. Allah hafiz.

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