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Asasalamalaikuma and Gentlemen. By the grace of God, I hope all is well. Your blessing and I’m fine. Till today no one answered my greeting. So I gave the answer himself. Let’s see how many Salam. However, there is good news for me, you spend time thinking about how to end? After the stay at home when you got, suddenly the phone rang in my room, I was telling my brother and I received a very fan girl. I’m your number to manage a lot of trouble. I am a bit surprised, I thought, and I have the fan. He was speaking two days. I think she heard a lot of good. After 3 days, Mathai said prapasa me.

I got a little thathamata. I will tell you later. Friend + manure had told them. He said that everyone agreed. I have not seen? He said yes. Then I said to the girl. I went to visit, I went to see him with intelligence does not show up. And I actually got a little busy, and one day I’ll see you later. He said: I have come here to see you. You can even see me, that’s enough. What a shame then that the transfer went to meet him. What else? Could be. Is doing very well now. Oh, I’ve forgotten, but you. Sorry for this. Allah is the best of times per week on a regular basis this will tune.

Inshallah. I have to say something personal. Because if you do not have something interesting to learn how the inside looks boring. Who do you like, and I teach my friends. I do not give any kind of shortage of teaching. If you do not believe that there’s a little hard to find blogs Bengali dissolve as you see, so you will not find any jaigai discuss the amount.

A lot of that, we went to our original discussion. I’m talking about OnPage. The soul, or the soul of OnPage SEO, keyword research, what happened in    the original. Online SEO is the soul and the soul of SEO keyword research is the key. So, what happened in the very best way to learn about keyword research. The importance of keyword research, what happened in my previous  post I discussed. I’ll show you how to be a successful research key word go. When the first word to come to the discussion of key research nicera (Niche) are to discuss.

Niche I am going to write my site on any subject. Niche select a big concern. At present, most of the thinking Niche search on any subject to be selected. Let us say that one thing, the visitor needs on any subject. This one is a little research on that. If he became confused. Luckily, if you feel the desire to learn about the research being done about the key word research roadsides. We must understand about Niche. Now I’ll show you that it will be key to how to research keywords.

Stepah 1

This link  httpsadwordsgooglecomo Keyword Tool   to go to, the following pages will look like.

Two stepah

Do you think you earn ( Online Income ) want to know about at this key word. Then fill in the following pages, was to dissolve the house. I show thanks to Mark.

You may or may not pay category. If you do not have no problem.

Stepah 3

The search (Search) button. See the following pages will look like.

Notice the key word here, but you have to analyze the 3.

1) What is the key word of the competition? Ii) the amount of monthly global search is 3) What is rare is the local search?

Online Income medium of the competition. That is a key word to get the flowers. Because the competition 3 to low, medium, high. That’s the key word at this medium comes in lots of visitors. We’ll see 246000 people search monthly visitors. When you think about it, if your site number 1 if there is a key word to your site per month for the amount of traffic that will come. And when visitors come to the site will be a lot of income and the amount of the. If you like these two key positions No. 1 search engine keywords can bring you. The amount of traffic coming to your site every month, then you have it folks. So I say to you prior to working at the site of key importance or priority should be keyword research first.

And you see the main key word as well as some related key word there. And from there, if you wish – can ward basic. A key word in this way is to go over the different types of analysis. It will benefit you to choose the right key word. And will complement a solution. We “Friends plus” this is what the team is doing a much bigger challenge on oyarda. Key word on how much a good idea to get the flowers. In fact, within 15 days on our website within 15 days of the search engine is now at number 39. Eighty No. 1 position within two months I’ll be back. Our ” Friends plus ” to pray for everyone. Many dream of everyone inside. We want you to pray for us in this dream. We want people to panic inside. Ha ha ha ha.

I have many things to say today. Let’s talk about what is in front of the post. How do you like your SEO. The comment will. I am looking forward to positive and negative comments. One thing I was thinking about likhabi not authenticated. From the Desk of the head to head. Write your response in default. If you do not write.

Anyway, today talks about how keywords, but do not forget to tell him. If you encounter any problems at our Facebook group balabenagrupe before the fall of the group will nitimalata. Because our group was very strict way to play the game. If you violate the ban was in accordance with the rules.

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