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Asasalamalaikuma, I’m good how are you? But do not forget to tell. I have written a little before the tiunata. After a long time ghumalama going into college. I woke up today, I do not work. And after kaidina the test. So now would be the best type strictly. I’ll be late to enter the next tune. And then you would wait for me until. I hope you will be fine.

About search engine optimization, and I’ll try to give as much as you need to tatatuku. But the object of this meeting is very important. Search engine optimization work less, but it is the subject of much discussion. I was thinking today how Google search was to teach roadsides. But if at first you do not understand do not teach (the others), because the earlier you catch bejata search engine optimization will be the key. Talk about the search. Today we will talk mainly about the Off-page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

  • What is Off-Page Optimization?

Basically, a web site that may be Optimization, Off-Page Optimization is the roadsides. When the Web sites that are designed to work on the inside of some search engine optimization are the reason I am on my site so that search engines can find. But now that I have made clear. I know you would be a little hard to understand, and then I read further 3 blogs. You’ll be absolutely clear about OnPage Search engine optimization. I’ll show you when the water becomes clear.

  • Off-page Optimization What?

Off-page Optimization Off-Page Optimization AK follow. This means more visits to the site to search engines, so its price increases. Aphapeja extended visits to a Web site by using so many different processes involved in optimization. Of course, the best definition I can not. But try bujhanara. I hope you will be able to convince you about OnPage’s aphapeja. I mean if you can not do with abuse.

However, now we will discuss the details of Off-Page Optimization and Off-page Optimization. Off-Page Optimization and Off-page Optimization to do what it takes to say anything about that.

OnPage apatimaijesanah

Off-Page Optimization is the most important aspect of search engine optimization. If you are in any maim and use it to search engines to find your site will not help. This one should be so accurately iutilaija. OnPage dissolve in the subject exists. Are given below.

  1. Key word research,
  2. Content,
  3. Meta tags and Meta diskripasana,
  4. Google Site Map,
  5. XML site map. There are several. But the most important dissolve. How many know these things if you do not need anything else for OnPage Optimization.

 Aphapeja apatimaijesanah

Off-page Optimization and plenty of traffic or visitors to the site on a search engine to help. Off-page Optimization besiaphapeja importance to the optimization of the all too important. Off-Page Optimization is much more important when the new site, but the site when they were in the old site completely paralyzed except for the Off-page Optimization. Off-page Optimization Now let’s see what’s in there.

  1. Linking back,
  2. Article Writing,
  3. Anchor text,
  4. Blog Comments,
  5. Forum posting,
  6. Social Bookmarking,
  7. Yahoo ensara byakalinkam,
  8. Article Submission,
  9. Directory Submission,
  10. Link Wheel,
  11. Eksacenja link,
  12. RSS Submission,
  13. Review Site Submission,
  14. Classified Submission,
  15. Search Engine Submission,
  16. Posting profiles,
  17. CSS Submission,
  18. Video postings,
  19. Posting images,
  20. PDF submission.

There’s more. Listeeta I do not need a lot of us have to dissolve. So if you are the one we all need to ask me to come. Ha ha ha ha ha. I hope no one ever thanks for the list to dissolve in front of you will not be able to challenge. We will also see the work, and I guarantee you the ability to challenge any search engine optimizer will not be with you. So much for letting me do not want to tell my teacher’s respectable Sir Revolution I think will be the biggest sin. I am grateful to him sarajibana. He grounded at the change in my life. However, I have to say something personal. I am in search engine optimization on 2022 Bengali Pvt read blogs. But that’s the way I’m going to blog entries, this way you do not adjust, not only arranged did not get any details. I tuned in at 6 am to 6 pm If you tune this was the best way to know if you have 10% of search engine optimization.

But they have not forgotten how to talk. If you encounter any problems at our Facebook group balabenagrupe before the fall of the group will nitimalata. Because our group was very strict way to play the game. If you violate the ban was in accordance with the rules.

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