Search Engine Optimization entire [Part -05] :: SEO discuss some of the serious

Asasalamalaikuma. By the grace of God, I hope all is well. Your blessing and I’m fine. I’m sorry to tune in, because this is too late for that tune. In fact, there are many busy time for this can not tune. Well, many people talk to me at Facebook that was not provided to tune. Again, I’m sorry to all of the tune am today.

Before you tune a kamaplena I have to. I am from kamaplena you can not get any response. I is not saying anything bad is not good tune. Do you understand what I’m telling you, I feel tune. This is not bad, but the good will of the tune.

Search engine optimization is used in the world today, I will discuss some of the important words. You know a lot about search engine optimization will be yegula ideas. Search engine optimization is basically the way I used to.

1) White Hat SEO (White hat SEO).

Ii) Black Hat SEO (Black hat SEO).

White Hat SEO (White hat SEO) and two kinds: (1) Off-Page Optimization.

(Ii) Off-page Optimization.

Well today I will not talk about OnPage’s aphapeja. The White Hat SEO (White hat SEO) and black hat SEO (Black hat SEO) will discuss. Gave a beautiful way down.

**** 1)  White Hat SEO (White hat SEO):  SEO search engine guidelines, or if you do not violate these guidelines or policy apatimaijesanake White Hat esaioesaba policy is the most important of which is the website for people beneficial for search engine backlink in nayaanyanya policy, papulariti links, keyword research, link building ityadihoyaita hat SEO (White hat SEO) is Ethical SEO (Ethical SEO) is called. White Hat SEO (White hat SEO) search engine optimization is, let’s say die.

Backlinks (Backlink): If another site links to your site, it may byakalinkahate this link to your site homepage or any other page of your site’s incoming links or inbound links to a linkabyakalinka. White Hat SEO (White hat SEO) in.

Outbound Link (Outbound link): Outbound links are links to other sites backlinks to your site, which means the opposite of outgoing link is a link to thakeautabaunda baleeta and White Hat SEO (White hat SEO) in.

Kioyardah index Keyword is a word, is the word, subject, title, or the retrieval of information in the descriptor. A document of the matter is a term that captures. . In fact, the original is a small word with a big combination of things. This is actually the best way to write without the face of difficult for me to make a presentation before you appear.

Internal link (Internal Link): This is one page to another page on your site where yemana linkaeta extremely important to your site if you ekapeja tutorial series to the next page with a link to the previous page enakara text backlink to your site as dibenaeta PageRank karabeete bareuikipidiyara line to see how many site contains links to those sites.

The keyword density (Keyword Density): A page of a certain keyword density of keywords that have been used many times.

Link papulariti (Link Popularity): This is a kind of saitare standard for the diagnosis, it is quality inbound links (backlinks) engine based on the links thakesarca papularitira based on their algorithm that generates a site search engine results page ( SERP) will be where.

The gateway or duraoye pages (Doorway page):  It is made of a very few pages kayekalaina, and as a result of the line is just the keywords users search ranking increases, but no information on the thakenaei link to another page or another page that redirects yayaetake of entry pages, portal pages, jump pages, bridge pages, etc., known as thakee

**** Ii)  Black Hat SEO (Black hat SEO):  It is the opposite of white hat search engine, which means the rules karalenanablyaka hat SEO techniques to optimize the keywords in staffing, clocking, invisible teksakta ityadieke anaethikala (Unethical SEO) called SEO said.

Clocking (Cloaking): This is a technique that brings the user to search injinake another type of content when the content dekhayaei method for the request to the server, then the IP address of a page to see the reason behind it is the user agent or search engine bots / kraulara / Spider / scooter or manusayakhana looks like Spider-man, the kind of the kind of pages pages. This is Black Hat SEO (Black hat SEO).

Farm Link (Link farm): link farm is open to several websites, each site link for each site in each site’s backlink deyaphale increase in spamadeksim Gogona your site will be put on hold pelaesaba.

Spamedeksim the search engine will identify your site as a way of breaking the guidelines given to them in the site search engine karechenaapanara left spamadeksim paryabasita halabibhinna due to the failure of your whole SEO links to your site, as can spamadeksim the firm, if the keyword stuffing, duraoye (Doorway pages) Pages made, clocking, straight after the Black Hat SEO.

Keyword stuffing (Keyword Stuffing): It can search by entering keywords in the black hat esaiora ansaiujara filling pages with keywords such means obharalodimanekasamaya input keywords tag with a hidden attribute these keywords into the text invisible to the user, and as a result hayaabara read these pages, the color of the text, which reads injinake colors so that the user can not see the result, but a lot of search engine keywords dekhekioyarda staphinke loading hayaeita called black hat SEO (Black hat SEO).

***  Traffic (Traffic): How many visits to the sites where this is the site to visit the site, which means increasing traphikakona increasing site traffic. Who’s to say this traffic. Many people can not understand if the traffic. However, one time I did not understand (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha).

Today, we learned a lot of things. I hope everyone will benefit. This is at the basics of search engine optimization. If you do not know the basic idea of ​​search engine optimization is not possible kanabhabe flame. The next phase was to do a Google search with the key word teach roadsides.

But they have not forgotten how to talk. If you encounter any problems at our Facebook group balabenagrupe before the fall of the group will nitimalata. Because our group was very strict way to play the game. If you violate the ban was in accordance with the rules.

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