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I’ll have a sad news at the beginning of the tune. Unfortunately, although you can not tell. My own. In fact, I do not see the day when I sit down to write the tune One day I was in danger. Basachilama tune to write the day before. The episode, which I think is much more important writing. Simply put, if you are or how much I was thinking clearly or understand kliyarabhabe. Accordingly, the writing was starting to come out of college. I suddenly remembered today for the first ODI between Bangladesh vs West Indies will have to buy a ticket. Tickets will go on line during the evening to the next day, but today there anyathai tickets will not be available. And so I went to sleep. Computer table with my head. At his laptop on it. But sleep was not anything. So I started to see a movie. Left “Pirates of the karabiyana” Part of the 1st. I was reading during sleep. He’s on the phone right after 15 minutes and broke me up. I receive phone to talk. Cross-covered eyes suddenly went to the laptop. An accident happened at the time of my Life. When that maybe I will never forget. My laptop was stolen. But I could not have done a lot of searching to find. But the day that I got so much cricket crazy line to buy a ticket for the evening. Hey, there is a story. Lots of people started gathering around 1am. Pabalikaderake chilly police could not sit up. Before I was. Some children’s shoes to the sudden, brick Murray. Police batons started to go off the handle. I climbed over the wall of fear goes. He was back for the tickets. That desire has been settled to watch the game. The play of the night under the sky, because my breathing started again. The doctor examined him and said that the doctor had bronchitis. The disease is now spending a lot of money. So the computer is not being bought. This will leave wondering phrilanchim. Sometimes I sit on Facebook. Do not sit without work and online.

However, much of the talk, I talk. I am writing to friends computer. Now o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock 10 minutes. This winter it’s a good idea how much trouble writing. This link will show wheel. How to auto-complete is a link wheel. Purabe dekhaichilama common link wheel. In fact, that’s the link to the wheel, and not near. Link Wheel is absolutely different. I purabera post thanks to the importance of the link wheel. Just ask roadsides today are linked to how the wheel. Wheel link below the picture you explain it to me today. At the bottom of the picture there is a site to see. Has been named “Money Site” here refers to the site behind the wheel you will be linked to the site. There are 6 sites around the rest of the site is a free blogging sites to dissolve. Free blogging sites tell you about this before.

6 Now we are free blogging site, write articles for 6. How to write and publish articles visit our How to say thanks before roadsides. Now, for example, radio or Article 6 of us. First, we Blogspot (Blogspot) will go on. Article 1 pm will now paste. Now we have to dissolve the key word that a link to the article inside will “Money Site” at. Now take another browser tab. Will pass through the WordPress (WordPress) at. Blogspot is good, but can not be published. He will remain open. Another article in the paste will go to WordPress. A key word in the article “Money Site” to be linked to. And to publish. After publishing the link to post a copy of that Blogspot is a key word that should be linked with. Blogspot time to publish. Now I am a little thing that is clear. Take Your Online Income on your site. Now you can follow the link wheel nioma to Article 6 likhichena. 6 is a new blog account. Account dissolve like the following example.

* Htttp: //

* Http: //

* Http: // www.

* Http: // www.

* Http: // www.

* Http: // www.

Getting your site Blogspot two short words habeekata links to your main site’s wheel and a link to your site to the next. If you like the image you see above into Blogspot to WordPress habeekata arrow. And Blogspot (Blogspot), and a link to the main site into WordPress.

Blogger, Blogger continues to an article in a key word and then paste it into a main link with the site and make money. And to publish. Edit the WordPress back to you at this time. Go to the URL or link to Blogger and WordPress copies of the article is a key word that links a day. See the picture above is what is meant by an arrow.

Now you go back to go teokhane skuidu publish another article. And do the same as before. Do the same on the rest of the two.

Your job is to link blog or article to 3 pm. I would say at the end of the article. There’s a link to the article to be at the end of the previous article to another page, the hub of the main site to another, and with the first article of the meaning of Article satheprathama blogspot. Blogspot because only two were linked. Now on Blogspot with a link to eksacanja. If you see a Caterpillar or dissolve the link was created as an umbrella. I hope everyone understands. I know a lot of rhythm goals inside the head. Pakai will. And then I try to create this picture. See the picture has meant completely. Still, I do not think anyone is supposed to be linked to the problem of the wheel. How is today’s link wheel. Luckily beginners will be 100% the same. BSE and away from learning. Come on BSE and very interesting subject. Do you understand that if you do not have water, the water no longer see eye-mustard flowers. I’m also a picture of the link wheel. But the mustard flowers. Do not worry about the mustard flowers. Because it’s Black Hat SEO. You do not have to someday. Nioma at the top of the White Hat SEO. Luckily there 38 minutes past 8am. Brother, I’m a little sleep now. If not, you will be sick again.

‘m Saying a lot of things. If you see the forgiveness of errors. That’s normal because I’m a man and I would be a mistake.

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