Search Engine Optimization entire [Episode 11] :: link wheel-General Part [aphapeja SEO]

How are you? By the grace of God, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m very good blessing to you. After many days’ll tune. I’m thinking maybe, maybe not everyone will tune anymore. Many people are doing me a message on Facebook. In fact, a few days ago I was writing the tune. Tune into the text at the end of my browser suddenly hangs. What else do I restart the laptop. Text ami I did not save the entered again. Normally I write in Bengali is very difficult. Then writing a big article. So the mood was different and worse. I did not write this. So you did not get the tune.

However, today I am in tune to dissolve all of the important post. Because I have this thing inside of BSE and it’s fun. And this job is not so much difficult. Easily do without one of these at once. But this work is very important for SEO. This is a different way to tell if the job seriously. To separate that, I do this on my new site ranka come to my site’s pages 1, and 1 is only 1 month 13 days. In just a few days I got ranka pages. If you understand how to get the job. Get this for your site. I guarantee that your site visitors and the site’s pages ranka Hughes tremendous amount of help in the stomach.

Now we will talk about the work. I said something about an episode of link wheel. I am writing roadsides, but it is simple common definition. The main thing we will discuss later.

  “Different types of link wheel is a free blog and write articles around a key word into a link to the Web site of the link wheel. Related articles to write your own site. Articles must be involved with the site. I say thanks for writing an article in the course of 3 to 100 wards – wards should have. In this case, however, that the main key to your Web site, the key word is the word to use. Suppose you wrote an article on Ward 500. Oyarda use of what was inside the 15. You did not use it as a link to your site will highlight the rest of the eyeball 14. This is the link wheel. ” 

I figure I’m broke. Being the subject of the free blogging sites such as Blogspot, WordPress, etc. janaralista. There are a lot of sites like this around. Who gives free domain. Go to the site and will open a new blog.

Suppose you 5 free blog sites like this in the account opened. Now that you dissolve in accordance with your responsibilities and I am writing to step down. By doing so, you are to understand the benefits.

Step -01

You have five blogs account for five 5 to enter the content. 5. Write the article. Article dissolve the course will be related to your site. Suppose your site about Online Income. You can post articles on your site is all about creating the income. Now that you write articles dissolve 5 Aman on the online income. How you can earn from online, creating what benefits are available for work as well. In writing the article that he dissolve the rules to dissolve. Before I post an article I wrote in detail about how to write. And then I write here,

   “The minimum + maximum 3 per 100 word keywords can be used. This will be beneficial for your post + site. Tiunata I am writing this today, (search engine optimization, the whole [Part -07] :: key word Research -01) on this post to see how many times I’ve used the word keywords. banlai: 1 day after the key words in Google search will see my post on Google’s first patai 1-3 in. the only reason I see এই আর্টিকেল আমি অনেকবার কি-ওয়ার্ড শব্দটা ব্যবহার করেছি।আমি হাইলাইট করে দিছি কি-ওয়ার্ড গুলা। এই জন্য আর্টিকেল লেখার সময় পোস্ট টা যে বিষয় নিয়ে লেখা সে বিষয়ের উপর এবং সাইট এর মূল যে কি-ওয়ার্ড আছে সেইটার উপর কিছু কি-ওয়ার্ড দিতে you. But of course at 100 Ward 3 keywords can be used. “

Step -0

The key word in the article for your site used to dissolve. Dissolve some of the highlights of the day. Suppose you have 100 wards 500 wards in 15 key 3 If you use Word. Now, what happened in the 14 wards of the Day highlights a key word and a link to your site the day. That will be a key word when a link.

Step -03

Now an article in a blog post to go. Word will try to write more than 500 articles, of course. Just do not try to enter the course. You’ll get more of the benefits ate.

Step -04

Now that your article posted at. Seitara iiuaraela (URL) Save a little.

Thus, the article in the Post. And in each case the same work. This is usually link wheel. However, the link wheel is a wheel system. Luckily, you can manually later. Brain loud. Yo will come when they try to apply a large amount of intelligence.

Step -05

Now you are left with a single step. Roadsides is that you iiuaraela (URL) to dissolve karichena save. They will Bookmarking. Bookmarking If you had to do. And if there is no problem. Bookmarking and will discuss how to wear in front of me will tell.

Episode was your link wheel. But the common link wheel link wheel. Link wheel is basically in accordance with the wheel in the manner of the circle. Luckily, I’ll show you later. Since I completed this article for starters. So I would like to understand. As far as can be told. Much to say. Later, we will discuss about how to make a link wheel. The process is a bit complicated because of the Circle. Now, if you is not no way. And so it went on. One thing to remember, however, that not all dissolve dissolve Web site or URL link sting save dissolve. Then I will tell more about the link wheel to dissolve it.

Now, none of the issues that may be common link wheel is not supposed to be. If you think there is a problem then. Be careful if sujasuji asabenatabe to our Facebook group, but the group is very strict way nioma comply with regulations. Please read the group a little before the group will nitimalata.

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