Rotoscoping Animation Creation Tutorials via Photoshop.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today, you will discuss a complex tutorial on Photoshop. Creating Rotoscoping Animation through Photoshop, Photoshop CS4 has been used here. Let’s start

1. First of all, if we are working on Animation, we will bring Photoshop to its Video Mode. To do this, first select Photospace window from the workspace and then Video. Then the interface will look exactly like this. The timeline is very important to work on timeline, photoshop and video and animation.

2. Now we will work with the video that we are working on in Photoshop, then open file> open and then select the video which will work with my hard disk and open it. The timeline video has come down after the video is open. The video will be started by pressing the play button.

3. My video is big enough to select the parts that I want to work with. That’s why we will go to the timeline first, the working part of the video that will work on the part of the piece, there will be a static point where the image set.

Then we look at the figure below, dragging the left point of the timeline to the point of the video.

Then, from the stationing point, I want to take whatever part I want to take and select it as the end point. Now in the same way we will drag the right-hand side of the timeline to the end point.

4. Now my video is now selected, I will now work with Layer. Since we are working on video, our Layer will also be Video Layer, on this Video Layer, we will take a Blank Video Layer from the Layer menu to Video Layer> New Blank Video Layer. The picture above is highlighted.

This is very important, this layer will work with the effect of Brush.

5. In this part we will work with Brush to create the effect we will create a special brush. To make Brush we will first select the Brush tool from the toolbar. Before starting Brush, we need to lock the video layer, because it does not have any impact on the video layer while working on the Blank video layer.

Now we will go back to Brush again, very important to make this Brush Effect I will present this work with a step-by-step image.

First, to open the Brush option, go to the window menu and select the Brush option. After opening the Brush option it will look like the image below.

Now we have to set the brake seal so that we will first go to “Brush Tip Shape” from the following setting Diameter = 17px db then angle = 108, roundness = 28%, hardness = 0% and spacing = 25%.

Now I will work with the Shape Dynamics of the brush option, here we need to take this setting to size Jitter = 3%, Minimum Diameter = 11%, Angle Jitter = 4%, Roundness Jitter = 56% and Minimum Roundness = 25%.

Now we’ll go to Brush Options Color Dynamics. Here we will do this by setting the Foreground / Background Jitter = 33%, Hue Jitter = 5%, Saturation jitter = 35%, Brightness Jitter = 14%, Purity = 0%.

Now we will check these options for noise, airbrush, and smoothing.

6. Setting the End Now we will move towards the effect, this part is a bit complicated and difficult. Because now we need to paint each frame of the video subtitle with our brush.

To keep in mind, this is a video that produces a lot of steel images that say frames, if we need to edit, we need to separate them in all the frames. After the drawing in each frame, the results of the image below will come.

7. Now we will give a nice color effect to the picture. So take another layer on the video layer and select yellow color from the color panel. Then paint all the way through Brush, and this works as many frames as possible.

Here I have used a yellow dust texture wallpaper for the background. After giving the background, using different color moods, I can select the effects that fit the effect. It will look like if everything is fine.

8. To save the animation, save the animation now, to save the animation, we will first go to the file and then click on Export> render video. I will select the name and where to save it. Animation will be saved.

Rotoscoping Animation is a very complex task. This tutorial is for those who like to work on Advance. I tried to write as easy as I could. Still apologize if apologetic.

Allah hafiz.

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