Part II: How to upload files through FTP

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For the lagabeh

  • To upload software (File Zilla) File Zilla download link
  • Your server’s host name, user name, password

For example:

  • FTP Server: httpftpexamplecom
  • FTP User name (FTP / SQL): defaultid
  • FTP Password (FTP / SQL): *****

Now you can open the file Zilla software


Your server’s host name, user name, password and click Connect nimnakto putting in place,

The server will start to enter the Server Connect status root folder on your server will then look at the Directory successfully,

Now we’ll upload

I think we upload folder in wp-content folder, then upload a picture (for free users)

  • For example, your site will appear after you click Connect address Double-click the site,
  • Htdocs there, where I double-click brings up,
  • Wp-content folder, double-click again,
  • Double-click the folder where you upload, I got there I wanted to upload
  • Now we Local Area / My Computer, let’s find out where that image [Note: If you want to go back .. Clicking on this symbol will be back and will have to wait a bit and then double-click the server for loading]

If you find the image by right-clicking the image and click upload, the upload will begin.

Keep in mind that the server is the root folder of any other folder to another folder, otherwise the image will be uploaded to the image, and the place can not be determined [Note: This message may come when they try to upload files


This is meant by the message that there is already a file,

In this case, you can replace the file or delete / rename can] thus need to upload.


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