Part 7: WordPress blog, upload and configure new rules Themes.END_DIV

To upload new thimas take:

  • New thimas file
  • Phailajila ( Download Link ) (which uses phailajila out )
  • Your server’s name, ID and password
  • Dyasabordera ID and password of your blog

* First phailajila Open, the server login ID and pass,
htdocs / wp-content / themes folder of your choice, please upload thimas

* Dashboard of your blog (Dashboard url: httpexamplecomwpadmin , or httpexamplecomwploginphp ) Log in,
look on the left side of the decor (Appearance), a menu, Click there,
wp dashboard menu
thimas services (Themes), click on. See the picture of your choice khimas is uploaded, the thimas active (Active) and
[NB: thimas thimas before activating the Preview (Preview) Please, because if the problem can be seen thimas]

* Configure the thimas T
[NB: Some thimas Enabling a menu on the left to create additional, it can be configured to do automatic. For example, add or change the logo, change the footer, navbar control, etc.]

* Thimas the Bengali translation of the will and the other will be configured,
so the left side of the decor (Appearance) the name of the menu editor (Editor), click on.
wp dashboard menu
The following topics will be

  • Single post (Single.php): By clicking on any of the post title comes a new page, the page is a single post (Single.php)
  • Comments (Comments.php): comment forms, seemed to be a few comments
  • Header (header.php): the blog is in the head or the beginning (such as blog headlines, logos, navbar)
  • Allowed (index.php): the blog post page
  • Pages (pages.php): Find the blog post / blog pages
  • Style.css: change the complexion of the blog

Now these rules is shown in Bengali

# Single post (Single.php): Bengali is the following topics:
On Time =
By = author
Categories = departments
On Hold On, then Bengali text search it if you find the time to write On the day instead of
[B Note: On text will be available in as many times as Bengali. On a note of the time you did a Bengali On the text is written in a phanakasanera if not Bengali. For example, the search did you come to write On

<? Php post title> On

<? Php done>

Bengali You do this: <? Php post title> Time

This is not Bengali: <? Php d time e>

[NB: The text phanakasana are false, wrong, you only have to write to understand] When Bengali save.

# Comments (Comments.php): The following topics are Bengali
1 Comment = Comment
2 Comments = two comments on one or two
comments or comments No Comments =
% Comments = Comments (% reason for writing comments on your blog If instead of the 5% of the number of comments that suggests 5 comments)
waiting your comments moderation = your comment is awaiting approval from
the says =
Submit = Submit
comment this post = comment for this post
Reply Reply =
name = your name
email (mail not publish here) = your email (will not be published here)
web sITE = your web site (you can khakale)
required = emergency / essential / mandatory
[NB: I have written not by just typing in a search because thimas per mill might want to take] when they save.

# Header (header.php): Here, however, there is nothing to Bengali
Home = home page or on the first page or blog page, it can Bengali
can change the blog title, the blog to change the logo, upload logo url logo url of the logo put in place. After the save.

# Allowed (index.php): This page is a single post (Single.php) of the same, so the same Bengali. After the save.

# Pages (pages.php): This page is a single post (Single.php) of the same, so the same Bengali. After the save. (NB: The first page of the blog allowed to Bengali (index.php) and pages (pages.php) thimas use is different according to the different thimas)

# Style.css: There’s nothing here to Bengali, it is used to change the complexion of the blog. Which is usually to change the
Logo url

  • Font-family: it reads the name of the font in putting in place Solaimanlipi
  • Font-size: Font-size it reads on the day of your choice
  • Logo: The logo reads it and upload the logo url logo url of putting in place
  • Color: Color change where you want to search it, where is your favorite Color Day
[B: Note: color code keeps erabama color: # 00000 to 000000 in the six days instead of the Color of your choice] of Color Code can find through Google search.
After the save.

Here I made some color codes

  • White = #ffffff
  • Red = # ff0000
  • Black = # 000000
  • Blue = # 0000ff
  • Green = # 00ff00
  • Yellow = # ffff00
  • Brown = # 330000
  • Pink = # ff00ff
  • Bukasa white = # 666666
  • Garo bukasa white = # 333333
  • Light blue = # 0066ff
  • Light green = # 00ff33
  • Garo blue = # 000033
  • Garo Green = # 003300
  • Garo red = # 990000

NB: post published on the east, the previous link
for today, I’ll see you again. Bhulabena not to comment on any issue.

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