Part 4: How to change your password is free hosting for WordPress

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[Note: This is basically my previous post on this tune for them to tune in to see who was hosting the] you may already have started to think that it is very easy to change your password again to tune in to what you write? I likhalamai or why not?

Because eyadajastebala is hosting the database password, if you change the password directly on hosting your blog will not be open due to databeja change your password because you can not display any data installed on your WordPress blog automatically config.php file can not be changed.

To get rid of this problem can be tracked

  • To upload software (Filezilla) Open ID login with a password.
    Filezilla to learn how to use software , refer to this post , or from here you can read.
  • — htdocs —> go this route, find config.php file, config.php file download, config.php file with Notepad open define ( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”): This code is found Get out and define ( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘Enter your password’): this kodatati replace the previous code [Note: “please enter your password here, instead of letting your desired password, please note that the two sides did not diminish the sign goes up ]
  • Now save the file and re-file — htdocs —> Upload this route, replacing it will replace

After hosting the panel will make a friend ( httppanelbyethostcompanel )

The Password will go on


Then the empty box of New Password and Confirm New Password Enter your desired password and click Change Password.

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