Part 3: How to Install WordPress is the method of uploading (for free users)

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To install WordPress, which will be uploaded

  • To upload software (File Zilla) phailajila download link
  • Hosting the ID and password

(1) First, to create a database, to create a database of go to this site, please Login

Then, go to the MySQL Database,


Creat Database Database of the top names in the empty box, then click Creat Database. The name of the Database If you think rm2334 happens to be the full name of your Database b10_56893_rm2334.


(2) WordPress 3.O CMS Content Download, Download Link

(3) Once you download the file

  • By right-clicking on the file and click Extract Here, Extract Here is the text did not realize that it does not need to be installed on your PC Winrar from here Download and install
  • Then go back to the WordPress files, Extract Extract Once you have done folder (WordPress folder) open,
  • Upload all files within this folder on your route,
  • — htdocs — here is the route the file to be uploaded. If you think your blog login Open Filezilla, now double-click on it to show your blog addresses, htdocs folder is empty now, would come on the Double-click files to upload WordPress
  • How to upload what you can see from this post .

Once WordPress has been uploaded to the web browser, enter the address into your blog will show the WordPress error, Creat a Configuration File, click


  • Click Let’s go


  • Database Name Enter the name of your Database
  • Let your MySQL User Id User Name
  • Enter your MySQL Password Password
  • Database Host Name of your MySQL Host Name / server Name Name
  • It will be the same as Table Prefix wp_
  • Now click on the Submit button


  • Click Run The Install


  • Site Name in the title of your blog
  • Admin User Name Enter the User Name your blog
  • Password Admin Password Enter your blog
  • Your mail your email, and password will be lost when the email
  • Click the Run button


  • Click the Login button



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