Part 1: Install WordPress (free users)

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You tekatiunera “This is good news not only for you but I do not know the anger,” Did you come here to see this tune, or the P, D, F have downloaded the file, then you have the right job. If you do not see from here to see if you tune

Free Blog building project will be completed in a few steps, the steps below are as follows:

  • Free Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Install WordPress

Of course you must have an e-mail ID (the ID that will be used to create your own blog, or you can use a new ID).

Now we open a Free Domain.

What is Domain?

Domain is the name of your blog, your blog will be known by this name around the world.
We are now basically open a Free Domain, Free Domain is open to a variety of places, such as / / now on, we will open a two-year period because it is the best I’ve ever seen . [Note: do not open accounts for more than one PC to another, because if the previous ID will be banned]

(1) Free Domain:

* First, go to this site

And with a name of your choice Check Availability (search), and now the name of the Domain is open before you open if you come Available Available Free Domain would not be seen again for another name. However, when it appears Availabe to Domain Option (Register 2 years $ 00.oo) by clicking on the click Checkout.

Registration form to come
in here


  • User Name (the name of your choice)
  • Password (the password of your choice)
  • Repeat Password (the password of your choice)
  • Full Name (your full name)
  • Street / Number (Enter the name of your area or d / non-write)
  • City (Enter your city)
  • Postal Code (the number of your postal)
  • Country (name your country)
  • Email (your email on the day)
  • Varify Code (which will appear in the image here)

After these Creat Account, click on the
mail you a confirmation message, there will be eyaktibhisana code, kodatuku copy, click on the link in the confirmation message kodatuku copy paste that code, click OK.

* Then your User Name / Email and Password to login,
go to My Domain from here


See where your chosen name will appear under the Manage Domain Names Go
there, go to the Name Server,


Baksagulote then enter the following code (DNS server)



[Note: Name Server is usually two boxes, to more than 3 boxes, pick up the box and click Add More]


Then enter these codes


When they click Update.
Domain open now !!!!! done !!!!!

Now we open a Free Hosting.

What is Hosting?

Hosting the content of your site, e-mail accounts, bandwidth, subdomain, where the C panel.
We are now basically open a Free Hosting, Free Hosting is open to a variety of places, such as / now on, we will open it because it is the best I’ve ever seen.

(Ii) Free Hosting:

* First, go to this site
come here in the Registration form

  • User Name (the name of your choice)
  • Password (the password of your choice, 6 characters)
  • Email (your email on the day)
  • Find Site Category Personal
  • Languages ​​in English
  • Security Code The Security Code in the Registration
  • [Note: The only open an account with Gmail]
  • Captcha want, Captcha day (the bhyariphikesana Captcha code)

A confirmation mail will be your message, click on the link to the message, ask again captcha, captcha day. Here is a table where you will be hosting information

  • Cpanel URL: httppanelbyethostcom
  • Cpanel Username: defaultid
  • Cpanel Password: ********
  • MySQL Hostname:
  • MySQL Username: defaultid
  • MySQL Password: ********
  • FTP Server: httpftpbyethost13com
  • FTP Username: defaultid
  • FTP Password: ********

This, from where it will be below Download Full Settings to save the file to be downloaded.

An alternative method of the Server Domain

First go to this site,
then log in with your user ID and password


Go to the Addon Domain, Domain has put you there, as if your Domain is the happens, then will be put then click Add Domain Domain diameter was associated with its own server to


Then to Install WordPress CMS Content T.

WordPress Install:

WordPress Install a free blog can be a two-way
, and an Automatic Script Install a server to Install WordPress CMS Content uploaded.

Here is each way are as follows:

* Method A (Automatic Script Install):

To the go to this site, then log in with your user ID and password
, go to the iVista-Easy script installation,


From here you select the Domain.
Then click on Proceed.


Many see the C, M, S content of the show, such as Drupal, Joomla, phbb, Classifieds Ads, WordPress, etc. From here we will install WordPress. WordPress Install Now there’s more to the right side, Install Now click.


The next page (/) showing this symbol, this symbol is meant by any of the routes that will be installed WordPress route to addresses in Maine, but if you think this is not the route / bn will then route your blog address will such bn.


Another way to change the route of the same address can be used to WordPress or other content. After the route click Complete Install. Now link your WordPress Blog, Blog Admin link, User Name and Password will show the Hosting Password on the Password that will be used was used. Automatically install the system and that is it.


Save this information.

Today this far, WordPress total of 15 episodes will be written.

  • The second two-post system (installed by uploading) to write about
  • 3rd postah WordPress blog how to make the settings required to perform
  • How to upload files to the 4th postah WordPress
  • 5th postah how the new WordPress thimsa (templates) to add
  • 6th postah newly added to the WordPress thimse (template) header footer widget fonts, etc. to perform post
  • What is the 7th postah plugin? How do I set up WordPress plugin
  • How this WordPress plugin to perform the 8th postah
  • 9th postah WordPress plugin download and use some of the best way
  • 10th postah WordPress blog can be converted to a full English
  • Free hosting of the 11th postah how to change the password
  • How to make WordPress theme of the 1 st postah

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