Now your computer will do what you say, just do your computer

Assalamu Alaikum,

Hope everyone is well. Alhamdulillah, I am very good in your supplication. The thing that I have brought for you today is very important for computer lagers like me. That’s why I have no gf. Like me who are crazy that tired of running computer while running tired all day. Still the man wants to run a computer. But there is no power to hand in the keyboard or mouse. Then I think if I could drive the computer to sleep. After running a few days of lying on the chapel, there are laptops that seem to be sitting on the chest.

So today I have come up with a tune that everyone can control the computer lying on the left. Now listen to your words and understand your computer. Whatever command you give, your computer will do exactly that. If you say open any software, then open, close to say it will close. Type typing and do it. Listen to songs if you want to listen to music. You can also do it if you want to access the Internet. That means one can do almost everything in one word.

The condition is that your computer must be connected to a microphone. Otherwise, the computer will listen? And the laptop is built in. So do not need to. I do not know how many people know about this. But I know many people do not know it. So what else did I share

It’s not really that hard any thing. But many of us do not know about this. One saw me tune in this matter before. But did not write anything in detail. So I did tune again for your convenience.

So let’s see how you can do this task very easily. This item has built-in on all computers. So you do not have to download any type of software. The built-in software that works according to your name is the name of speech recognition. So go to your computer’s search box and enter the speech recognition from the speech recognition and the result will be like the picture below.

Then you need to click on Start speech recognition to recognize speech recognition.

Now you will have an icon or status bar like the image below on your computer. Where to raise your voice and see what commands are given.

If you click on start listening then you will listen to it and start working accordingly. But the problem is that your words can not match the computer’s built in words. So you have to familiarize your computer with your words. Training your computer for this. Another thing to remember is that this training will be your computer but will not give you any respect.

Ha ha ha did a little fun and what else How to train now? That’s the thing, is not it? It’s pretty simple. Did you remember the window speech recognition? Go there again. Go and see the picture below

Then put the words that will appear on the screen, say a little pure pronunciation. Maybe you might have to call the computer five to seven minutes. Then finish by clicking finish.

Then restart the computer once. See Automated Speech Recognition on. Let’s say start listening. See the sleeping from listening to your status on the status bar of your computer. Stop listening will be asleep again. In the meanwhile sleeping will be written.

Your computer will do exactly what you want to do. Stop it. But that’s not the case. Actually, whatever you say, but there are certain rules to say it.

Let’s learn them today that what they actually hear is what computers will hear. If you say “start” then the start menu will open as below.

If Windows 7,8 says that “Apps” Then you will see an app list. And the app will open the app’s name. But in Windows 10 this Fahinni command will not work. What to do?

I also solved that. So for this you will create a new folder on the desktop. The name “Shortcurt” will be given. Now you can keep any of the software you need in this short-cart folder. How to bring it?

First open the shortcut folder. Then click on the start and click on an app to drag it to the folder and drag it. See shortcut.

When this is done, say switch to desktop, then go to the desktop. Then say “shortcut” then shortcut will be selected. Then say, “Enter”, then the fills will be open. Now the software that you name the software will be selected. If you say “enter” then it will enter. If there is a single app or folder with the same name, then there will be number 1, 2, 3, etc.. If you want to do the number 1 stop stopping, say “one”. “OK”. “Enter”.


Then it will enter the app or the folger or file. See above I’ve opened the video. What ?? Feeling difficult ?? It’s not really difficult. If you find it difficult to see the video tutorial below, see that. In the same way, any music or video can open any song or video.

Think that it has come at a stage that you do not understand what to say. Then tell the number number. Then the number will appear. And the number is called him, if you say it, then that job will be done. If you want to minimize any apes, say “Minimize dec”. Then it will be minimized. And if you want to open a minimized app or folder again, then say “sweet toe” (name of that folder / app). And if you want to close an app or folder. Tell me, “close deat”. See closed. Now the mind wants to run the Internet. If you want to go to any browser, you will have to enter the shortcut folder with the previous command.

And say “Google Chrome”. “Enter”. Then enter the browser. If you want to write something in the address bar, say “Ok” to the number of addresses in the number of the number of addresses in the address bar. Then say one letter to the address you want to enter. For example, say Techtunes; Then say, “Press T” Press E, Press C, Press H, so all the things to say. Then enter it. Then enter the website. Now the website came but need to get down to read, say a little bit down to scroll Down, down one page, say scroll down one page, say two pages for two pages, ask for three pages three pages.

Now click anywhere? Need to use the mouse? How to do

Then say the mouse grid. There are some numbers in there. Think 1 will go tell one. If you want to go to your specific place then you will have to go to II, say two. In this way, keep the number until you go to the place you want to click on. Then say “click to” if you want to click on 2. After saying “Ok”, you can click on the mouse and click the mouse.

If you feel difficult see video tutorial. Now you have to type typing in English. But you feel very helpless to write. Then open ms word and start saying what to write. Remember you write, I love you. Do you love me?

Then you have to say, “I love you flower stop” “Do you gain me the Queen’s Mark”. Please say whatever you like and keep writing. To learn more voice commands, go to Microsoft’s website .

If you do not understand the above words then take a look at the video tutorial below. So far as today My class 8 is now 8 o’clock 14 o’clock. Not ready yet. So I can not speak anymore. The next tune will be inshallah tomorrow Goodbye for then.

Finally, stay up, stay healthy, love technology and stay with the technology.

Allah Hafiz.

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