Make your own website very easily

Assalamu Alaikum,

Let’s come all you are well. After reading this tune, you will be better off.

For who is tune

* Those who want to create their own website

* People who want to promote their business (website is the best way to promote your business)

Your thoughts are:

Web designing, I can not do it! Do not worry, the way I show you, young children can also create and design a website.

Let’s start

First of all,   visit this site. Click on the “Find a new free domain” box. Enter the name of your favorite website and click on “Check Availability” button. Such as: .tk .com, .org, .in sites for this type are free. If available, click “check out”. Enter your gmail address now. Login to your gmail account and verify gmail. Complete the account with the data and password you need here.

Now when choosing My Domain from Services in the top Navigation menu, you will see a registered domain name. From here click on Get Go to site, the website designer / site editor will be open. You do not have to know any code for this. Create your own website by drag and drop. Congratulation Now you are the owner of a website

Check out the video to understand if you have problems understanding something or more clearly

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