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WordPress or Blogger for developed many years ago, was designed in the form of an e-mail m. It works great on Blogger. blogger’s dashboard by clicking on the ad a Gadget, click Layout. Then html / javascript and add the following code at the Gadget placed in him. In the case of the text widget in WordPress and paste the code to be saved. However enter your email ID to be replaced. You can also change the places that they can bring: Your Name, Your E-mail, Your Comments, Submit or anything else they can give you Bengal. Yesterday, a reader made a comment to my post: I have an html form design will be no post gratify. That would be a form, fill and submit the form to the e-mail can be specified. I hope this matter will be posted. So I think somebody may come in useful form. I hope the comments will come in handy some form. And please do not insult the poor.

Your Name: <input id = “Name” name = “Name” size = “40” type = “text” /> Your E-mail: <input id = “E-mail” name = “E-mail” size = “40” type = “text” /> Your Comments: <textarea cols = “35” id = “Comment” name = “Comment” rows = “5”> </ textarea> <form action = “mailto: yourname @ gmail .com “enctype =” text / plain “method =” post “> </ form> <form action =” mailto: “enctype =” text / plain “method =” post “> <input name = “Submit” type = “submit” value = “Send Mail” /> </ form> <script type = “text / javascript”> <! – </ script> <a href = “http: //ownserver.blogspot .com “> Cpoy this form code </a>

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