Learn CSS [Part II]

This 3 phase out CSS chain tune episode 2
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Learn CSS

I greet all of my CSS’m starting a series of phase II of the tune. In the last episode, we heard about CSS. Now we will discuss CSS Selector is a very important step.

What is CSS Selector?

CSS Selector is oxygen. People can not live without oxygen, as well as the CSS Selector obsolete. Selector So we will discuss today. Because we are using the Selector elimentasaguloke CSS and HTML code will be associated with. So, a good idea. Knowing how important our relationship is to learn CSS Selector.

Structure of Selector:


Please note that the above code a little better. I have written two eyalimentasa under the Selector. And the other is a Property Value. Propert is the element that I wanted to be able to use. Moddakatha, Property Management as well as I do. On the other eyalimenta Value. It is a good idea of the value of any eyalimentasa. Yes, Value means the value specified in the Property-.
Now, suppose I need to HTML with CSS, and are a direct Connection will create as I change / modify or revise / edit will. Now we will use the element, it is the Selector Name.

Selector Name


Here is the HTML paragraph tag refers to by p. CSS, which is in the Selector Name.
Ijhajha like to conclude today’s series tuned. CSS writing the next post, we have three systems (Internal, External, and Inline) will discuss the issue.

The purpose of a kathah

Suppose you HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql or her and to all of the above Visual Studio or ASP.Net. If you are a skilled programmer. But if you are asked a series of solid tune other than just HTML. I’m not sure if you have ever tuned trouble to read well. Because, you can tune the series, but the first step to the second step, you have to take help of the Internet. Because, after which there are arranged adjusts to what is taught HTML or other languages ​​can be taught. So I know more, but I have to take help of the Internet. Why did it take? Because, on my part will not be so easy to learn and you can teach me how to you. Therefore, in order to tune the ones from the Internet after a series of what I taught you to be beneficial, it is about knowing what’s in front of you as presented. Please bring me a comment on this dubarlata not think that is too small to myself.

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