Learn CSS [Part -3]

This 3 phase out CSS chain tune episode 3
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We welcome all sincere love and a series of tune my CSS: CSS out [Part 3].

In this episode, we told you that the last phase of the three systems of writing CSS (Internal, External, and Inline) will discuss the issue. Today, I will discuss continuation Internal sudhamatra. Let’s, let’s start.

Internal What?

Internal CSS is a type of writing system. To understand the whole tune before you need to understand internal. Internal CSS to use the first to add a new tag. The new tag is the <style> tag in the <style> tag in the main HTML <head> tag should be kept under. For example, the following codes dekhanuh







<p>This is My First CSS Code</p>



Preview Now if you want to see in Web pages, but you can not see anything! Because of that, I said, <style> tag should be under the effect of HTML tag. The <style> tag means that the pages you want to add some CSS elements. So, now we have our PAGE say that we are now going to add some CSS code, is not it? So, we’re going to create the internal CSS code.

Create Internal CSS Code (Code of internal CSS) with:

Please note the following code as well. I explain later.




p {color: Red; }

body {background-color: Yellow; }

</ Style>

</ Head>


<P> It’s Show now: Text Color Is Red & Background Color Is Yellow! </ P>

</ Body>

</ Html>

Just to see the results of the above code provided below:

HTML Code to understand the code at the top of the CSS Code is written. So, CSS HTML code differs from.

Please note that the above kodagulo a little better again. See, I have the HTML <body> and the <p> tag is changed through the CSS code. What? Do you understand? We have the right to do so? Okay, I’m getting.

Generally CSS Format:

“HTML tag” { “CSS Property”: “Value”; }

1. At first I html p {:; } This eyalimentasatake’ve chosen to start my work.

II. And I have selected the color of Attribute CSS p {color:; }

3. We know that, in the previous episode was replayed to the Property and Value of the property to the interpretation I have used as a color, and now I use it as a Value Font Color Red. Now I have stopped Code p {color: Red; }

4. Because of all my HTML code under the above paragraph was written in red.

5. Then I made another eicatiemala select elements: body {:; } This eyalimentasati.

6. Then I have selected CSS Attribute Background_color’s body {background-color:; }

7. I have chosen the color of Background_color of CSS Attribute body {background-color: Yellow; }

So, as a result of the above, I would imejatii.

Note: We have seen a lot of time writing code for a lot of trouble, but it is not output. Please note that you are not scared of the CSS attributes of the colon (:) and CSS attributes Value- after the semicolon (;) is given? You see if it still does not, whether you have applied CSS styles?

Thank you very much for today has been ended. CSS External appeared to be in the next phase. Everyone will be up as well, be healthy, and that grahaneyagya welcome advice of any kind.

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