Learn CSS [Part 1]

This 3 phase out CSS chain tune episode 1
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I greet all started with the first series CSS tune. I had wanted to tune into HTML. After all, there will be explored, but that is the lack of tune on HTML. So I would tune with CSS. CSS does not occupy too much on my own. Butt, know that whatever input you want to share with you. I know this is a big programmer. If this is incorrect, please tune the set will be grateful. Let’s just
say at the beginning of the first to learn CSS bhalah need to know HTML. Otherwise it will be a little trouble.
(Another one of my contribution behind this series is to begin tiunata. The day after I tell all of you.)

What is CSS?

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. Web design is a popular language.

What’s CSS?

CSS your website more beautiful and attractive is basically by. For example, you made a website with HTML. Now if you want to use CSS you can make your HTML pejatikei more attractive. Or, if you want something to change the HTML code in the new pejatikei CSS can customize.

I am not writing today. We’ll start learning CSS to the next tune.
Thank you all.

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