I want to earn a bit of coins from the site, about 1 dollar a day! Know income strategy to facilitate the process !!

?After all, Hi everyone Dear kamiuniti site. I hope everyone is kusalei. The title tune is to be realized that, Bitcoin will discuss ways to increase its income.: Roll:

Now a popular means of earning a bit of coins, because of the number of users is increasing constantly. However, for this to have good bhalache that, with the exception of PTC scams are so many bits coins income attentive. Bit coins has been known that such a popular platform, Dell, Microsoft, Amazon bit like coins from pay sites also are customers. Takhapi going to convert any currency.

However, quite a few of my income on my blog etc. tekatiune bits coins were tuned in. Many are working in accordance with the tutorial. Many of the tunes that complaint, Brother! There is no secret strategy to increase revenue bits coins! There is really no secret tips, but some techniques which can be used to increase the income will discuss below. For example, 1 hour after the image is as true as the BTC 0,170. So many trivial amount of money !!

Bit coins are some tips to increase revenue

1. mentioned Offers on-site as well as hourlyFreebitcoin after the CAPTCHA must be filled. Here, there is no net cost. Because it does not want to add the PTC site. Android, however, is set by.

II. Legal satosi sites have some bit of coins. Try not to work there.

3. If something better referral. Because, although revenue will increase 10%. So you can get a referral through social sites.

4. Some mining software / patch files which can be hacked through the bits coins. These days, however, does not work. After working for 3 days was rejected.

5. Phribitakoina who are working on. There is a bit of a lottery, or playing games Coins can earn unlimited. Once you get addicted to fun, then you will not be able bhulate.

How to do it?

1. Freebitcoin on first login here . How is the image to fill the ghantate, everybody knows it. After completing the captcha and submit.

II. If you submit Captcha phribhabe to purchase two lots, or have the opportunity to participate in and you will see the following message. So paratapakse to keep the image will take part in the lottery.

3. To take part in the lottery A- 2 Free Lotary Tickes click. The empty box to submit in writing. (Good to be here every week is a lottery draw. Good luck if you have a chance to win a variety of BTC amount you can receive. For example, once I got here I was about 40 dollars BTC.

4. Then came the real work. Unlimited game play where income can be increased. For what can be called a bet. So let’s take a look. Multiply BTC tab, click on the site you will be following up.

5. Look at the image above. I think, if you do start-Bit Amount of the Min button (marked blue stain) = 0.00000001 show. Click with the mouse pointer BET HI te. Messages will appear as red spots, such as a loss if: You BET HI so you lose 0.00000001 BTC

6. Bit Ammount 2X button on the left side of the rights of the ratings increase click (red arrow marked). As soon as the facility’s rating will increase, as they do in Los Angeles: 2X Double-clicking 0.00000002, 0.00000004 clicking three times, six times shown when you click 0.00000032.

7. Green color will show up when the gain You BET HI so you win 0.000001 BTC. Profit / Min button click after winning always. Do not attempt to increase ratings. Click to go to the 2X increase in ratings when the losses will be. However, after 21 days in order to try to understand the issue.

8. How much profit / loss you can note it was. Takhapi will own image.

Some warning and guidance

1. Do not be too greedy here to increase ratings. Amounts less than those who are new to the user and there is always a bit as they try to be 0.1 in the mid-0128’s.

II. The new user. They will try to play the lottery when their account BTC 30,000. Higher rates will not play. Forgotten your account may be zero.

3. Abhijnate yesterday to tell me it was $ 3 to withdraw the BTC 25000. All play is zero. However, 40 minutes later, as I have spent 90,000 won as BTC. So understand the need to play the shelves.

4. Amounts higher than those of the other. Many of them are professional people who are basically people who are earning up to $ 3-10 a day this way.

5. However, this method can be seen very easily earn a bit of coins. However, the ex-wasteful use of the Internet does not.

6. Multiply BTC 1200 is almost here times a day as a new user can take part. 5,000 times a month. Who are older / or merchants, they Unlimited. For example, I now Unlimited.

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