How to protect online information from hackers

We know that hackers have always been around us. If the hackers are able to hack into the world’s most powerful sequestered database in Nassa, then our common people’s online account and passwords are trivial to them! And if you are a special person in the society or are of a high grade, then hackers will have a different look at your online accounts.

In the current era, hackers are not just targeting your Gmail or Facebook account, but in the present age hacking is done through a series of chain systems. Hacking is done by handling data from all your social linked accounts. Hold Facebook account hack! Many of us have a wrong idea that Facebook ID is hacked due to the mistake of the Facebook authorities or because of negligence! The word is completely wrong. Never hack ID by hacking a Facebook server. Rather, Facebook IDs are hacked through your Facebook user.

Today’s tune will show me how we help hackers by hacking them with different information and the way to get rid of it. So let’s go to the tune.

The way you help hackers yourself:

1) Facebook profiles:

The world’s largest social network, Facebook has to secure your profile first. Many times we upload sensitive information about our personal lives on Facebook, and many times we keep information in public settings. Apart from hacking, these sensitive information are also used in various criminal acts of terrorism.

Get logged out of your Facebook profile. Take a look at your Facebook profile once you do not log in to an account. If you see that you are sending your sensitive information to your public on your Facebook ID, then it is said that you are kicking yourself on your own.

Target the top draft Facebook account. Here, if you keep address, screen name and e-mail in the contract information in the public setting, hackers can easily grab various information from your Facebook profile. Because these Google Talk, AOL, AIM, Yahoo, Skype, LinkEdin etc are publicly displayed on your Facebook profile, the hackers will be able to capture the e-mails of your accounts from that point of view.

Because the default email address is issued with the name of the social account of that social account. For this, do not ever have your personal sensitive information publicly visible and on whom you are keeping a friend list on Facebook, you also have to be careful. Because on Facebook there was a method of account recovery which was now closed. But if there is a hacker on the friend list, he will certainly not hesitate to handle your sensitive information.

In the current era, Facebook is another medium of hacking, various exotic apps. For entertaining, we often allow third party apps to access Facebook accounts. For example, how will your future life partner be (LOL), what your child’s name will be, how long you live, how many times your profile is checking on Facebook, Facebook is eating a crush on you (Pure Lull), your best friend on Facebook, etc. You will see the fun-filled status.

The main thing is, when you are going to apply these statuses on your own, you should see an app that is asking for permission to access your Facebook account. You probably give App permission to test their fun service, while hackers can take the opportunity to grab your Facebook information via Ep.

If you want to be a victim of hacking these lulayita external apps to refrain from using Facebook.

2) Email securities:

Take Gmail, Gmail you can turn on the Two-Factor Authentication feature for additional securities. For this, follow the steps below:

First go to Google Account settings from the Security options. Not in Gmail settings, Google account settings.

Here you will find the 2-step verification option, turn on Status.

Now enter your phone number in the phone number box. This number will give you code-rich SMS or phone calls from Google.

Enter the code that will be given in the same number in the Enter Verification code box next to it. And your Gmail 2-step verification feature will be turned on. After this, you can always log in to your email to go to your number code number and you can log in to the code by writing code number! You can also turn on the suspicious login notification feature on your Gmail.

Hacking can also be done with secrecy. Because the secrecy works like quoestance passwords. Secure queue is used as a last resort for many services to reset an ID. But we often move around with secrecy or setting it up for easy quilt.

For example, Facebook ID was opened for secrecy Whats your mothers middle name? Or Whats your favorite teacher name? Anyone can easily guess these simple hypotheses, and as a result your ID can be hacked. Many times we forget our own secrecy! So, in the Sequoise Koverne, false information should always be provided so that no one can guess. It can also say a strategy!

3) Website Security:

If you have a website and its secrecy is not accurate, it does not matter to hackers who hack their database. So if you are the owner of any website, then the website hosting provider can mask the registration info of the website.

Because hacking of hackers in the website’s database can be easily handled by the owner of the hosting provider, phone number of the hosting provider, email address, physical address, etc.

4) Customer Service:

If you use the customer service option for password reset email, then the customer service manager can ask you to complete your severance survey. Because the authenticity of the client is confirmed by the authenticity of the questionnaire. Many times hacking hackers hacking the technique.

Needless to say, the customer care manager is never able to remember the voice of any customer in such a voice call, and on the other hand, the queer queue can sometimes be forgotten by the customer itself. So, for the first time in most cases, the first letter of the Ansar of the Sequurry Question is also given to Customer Care, to be reminded early.

And then a hacker can take a fever in order to grab your account with a fake reply in response to a customer. For example, your birth date is called a customer care, for various verification. By hacking all this information, hackers can hack your other accounts.

I came to the end of the tune. Before finishing, I would like to say something. Not only personal data in the present era, we started using online backing feature in Bangladesh. And to keep your bank account safe from hacking, you must keep a special focus on securities. If you can hack into the medium of money circulation online hack your bank account, it is not impossible.

And the status of the online securities system in banks of our country is totally unheard of. Moreover, our country’s senior users have to make a good password or do not know about the basic means of hacking. To get rid of hacking, we first have to know how hacking is done.

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