(Edabhanasad Photoshop tiuetariyala) Create your own web site with phatosapa hedara (1st part)

There will be quite a pain to find a web designer in the world who do not use Photoshop. Web designers are so popular with Photoshop. However, for us, that distinguished himself or others, whether for the web design is the first thing to think that the web site is to create an attractive header. Which bears the primary sites. Now we are using Photoshop to look at how to create an attractive header.


Open the Adobe Photoshop CS4 1000 pixels by 175 pixels to create a new document. Background Contents: White and Resolation: 72 to keep.


Now, with a new Layer to the ground and be U press the keyboard to select the Rectangle Tool. And throughout the entire document to create a Rectangle. Then double-click over ground Layer Layer Style window to enter the Gradient Overlay from the color of the text box with a check mark by clicking on the Gradient Gradient editor window to enter. Color stop # 333333 Gradient editor of the left-hand and right-hand end of the select Color stop # 000000 and click OK.


B press from the keyboard to select the Brush Tool Size: 900 pixels should be. Then brush with the name of a Layer Rectangle We just took her right in the middle of a sabakichu click the image below to see if it will be like us.


Layer the bottom of the navigation of a new Rectangle to create the image.


navigation Layer Layer Style window by clicking on the color box next to it from the Blend Mode to Color: # 000000 or should be Black. Drop shadow effect in accordance with the following figure, select Settings and click OK.


Everything is done to make us look like the following.


The navigation Layer Rectangle we made a new layer of glass half wide and another of the same length to create a Rectangle. The Glass Layer by clicking on the Color Overlay Layer Style window to get into the White color #ffffff, or should be, and should be Opacity 25%. The conditions look like the following.


A new Text Layer with the Type Tool, T press the keyboard to be selected according to the requirements of our HOME, ABOUT US, CONTACT US, NEWS, SERVICE, PRODUCTS, etc., each with between two and Space Tab amount F0nt: Times New Roman, Font size: 22 Pixel and Font color: White chooses to write. We like the image below

We shall see.


…………………….. Run

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