Earn money from YouTube videos to be made without any kind of [Episode -03] :: things that we need to act in this manner.

The things we need to work in this manner. Online gaming is a need, we will do our record.

Dota 2

We’ll record the name of the game DOTA – 2 with a brief description of the game now, I would, because without knowing a thing about going down to nothing more than stupidity. I lift up to you to approach your work in this manner do not need to play games only a few basic things we need to know about the game, which will help us later to write descriptions, and title tags.

Each team played two games Dota 2 will be one of the players of each team is 5 games in which the team will have a castle called “Anicent” for a winning team must destroy the enemy at Anicent. Each one of the games the player gets the opportunity to play games in the role of a hero and his team to a win pasapasi pleyarsadera million increase from the levels, collect gold, and that nananadharanera geimara to collect materials that will help the next etyake nananabhabe.

To record a Software

You can also use the software to record two skrinarekardim also a lot of software you already use a habit if you can use them without skrinarekarda. I OBS Studio and Camtasia software by using the two video recordings of the work. OBS Camtasia’r totally free trial version is available on the online version can be downloaded from paripurna to use torrents, and you can take it off.

A pretty good quality computer (desktop if you like), but it will be a laptop.

You’ll need a pretty quality fast computers. 3,4 years ago, if you bought your computer, then you can do without hope. If your laptop or desktop graphics card to take dedikyateda. It would be better if the graphics card intarageteda -HD4000 +.
Whatever your operating system and any Windows or Mac operating systems can be run in this game, you phritei.

A YouTube account

You will need a YouTube account to your YouTube channel if you want to open a YouTube account can be opened without opening the Gmail ID hope everyone knows the rules. আমি আপনাদের পরামর্শ দিবো এই কাজটি করার জন্যে আপনারা পুরানো জি-মেইল একাউন্ট ব্যবহার করুন যেটা ৬ মাস বা তার চাইতে অধিক পুরোনো কারণ ইউটিউব এসব পুরোনো চ্যানেলের ভিডিও সমুহ কম রিভিউ করে, অর্থাৎ আপনার চ্যানেলটি যদি পুরোনো হয় তাহলে বিভিন্ন গেইমের ভিডিও আপলোড করার পরে মনিটাইজেশন অন where you do not have to wait for the reviews to the new account is to wait for it.

We will work with us since Highlights geimim need to upload the video as soon as possible. So when the old account will be better than most.
Adsense Adsense account as soon as they apply for the opening of a channel would not recommend, good patience to work with all the time.

Bangladesh is not possible to open Adsense account, so you need to do before applying for Adsense via YouTube in the country will change, the space can pay with any other Western country, it does not become a problem later on, it is only for YouTube channels will not apply to your Gmail account. You can easily apply for Adsense through your YouTube account if you do not already, and if you’ve been before and your Adsense account to another open application rijekteda then I think it will be better if you start working again.

In addition to an English-language blog to your YouTube account, so if you have tuned in over 40 quality and reasonably bhiuyarsa then you can apply for the Adsense blog.
If you received your AdSense application after application Adsense Google Adsense to your YouTube channel to which must be added to your YouTube channel you will receive detailed instructions.

Next post, I’ll describe how you can download these games and set up the tune she Thank you very much for taking the time to read.
We hope you like this post if you like it tiunamente legechi said, if there is no problem of course tiunamente said.

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