Earn money from YouTube videos to be made without any kind of [Episode -02] :: e-gaming channel to create the things that we need to

Let’s get started.

YouTube cyanelah

First, we need to create a YouTube channel where only geimim We’ll upload the video.

Game rekardah

Highlights will be recorded in a variety of online games.

Video apalodimh

Edit recorded videos to be uploaded to our Youtube.
At the same time to go to work every day in every two habeh 3 videos will be uploaded on a regular basis.

Promote (do not have) Facebook / tuitarah

If you want to promote your channel through Facebook or Twitter edabhartaisa can not even run.

How do you follow this method will benefit

After the first few months of regular follow this method, you will be uploaded over 100 videos and more than 5,000 channel Subscribers to at least 1,000 the number of video channels in the year asabeeka And at least 50 million cases and 1 million within 1 year of work well done Subscribers can get to our goal that this will have on our channel youTube video channel! Our main goal will be more videos uploaded to YouTube (more than 3 meals a day !!) Quantity over quality Our aim habeh

Why should it be our goal?

Because Adsense revenue share with us in the amount of 1 million bhiuyarsa 1 video of the fact that, in 1000, the same amount of revenue brought bhiuyarsa videos by 10,000 from Adsense you will find we Famous Star or any of that artist sangita bhidiotei millions of us will bhiuyarsa, so our main aim will be to upload videos and more can be taken every bhidiotei bhiuyarsa medium quality.

We will use this method to work the game janyeh

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