Come learn phatomanipulesana [Part 1] :: Waiting Photo Manipulation how we can create in Photoshop

Ladies and alaikuma. TT Dear Friends I hope everyone is well. Today is going to start a series of episodes based phatomanipulesana Photoshop tutorial. Now we are all more or less know about Photoshop. Many of the hobby is photography. Everyone wants to look less interesting than his own image. This is my small effort to speak their mind. I hope you will be with me for those who are interested. And I will follow tiutoriyalagulo. And I do not have to be a master of Photoshop tiutoriyalagulo to follow. Some basic concepts will be enough. I leave it for you to master the basic hope. In time, you will see the Photoshop wizard.

Let me say a word on this topic, too, but the idea was not professional. I learned to see from YouTube. So I can say with one hundred percent even if you are like me, you can try it too. I hope this episode is based on tutorial, you’ll learn a little bit about manipulesana.

Manipulesana kih

Manipulesana photo is basically a visual world around byastabatara picture. That is where you make your photos with your technical skills in a different form or a different place or a different staile can transform. But many more years before the coming of the manupulesana. Was first introduced in the 18 century. The current form we see themselves. One example is that if you understand how manupulesanaguli was the 18th century?

This image is part of the 1st World War to be made with some of the pieces. Source: Wikipedia

You do not have to go to the world. Beautiful place to go or to not take pictures. Basically all our Photoshop fraud.

Today our 1st phase

1st episode today. In this episode, I’ll show you a photo of what the different effects and can be made through the work of a fantastic view. In this episode, we are closer to reality than the value of a young man making a film will unrealistic.

Horror movie effects and what you can say.

The photo above, you can create a beautiful picture. If you want you can try your own image.

Source File

I gave you the benefit of equal files

Download Source Files

To work lagabeh

  • 1. Photoshop C (I’ve used C 2015 version), mandated that any other version.
  • 2. The source file Luckily my YouTube video link below or you can download it from the link above.
  • 3. The zip file is given in the form. To facilitate your work. You must download ektata.
  • 4. The biggest thing that would be done for the patient.
  • 5. Next time I will take a little more time for the first time will not be a problem.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn that:

  • 1. Manipulesana how the size of the image to pages.
  • II. The background is set to drag on well.
  • 3. What better way is to set the background image of a model.
  • 4. How to Light, sado, color correction is.
  • 5. Effect of Effect of water or the tiles
  • 6. How to blur like a DSLR.
  • 7. How to mask.
  • 8. Sarpanesa how filters are used.


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