Blogspot Facebook Comment box to add a tune he saw, he found disappointment? If you tuned in

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are well, I am in your goodness, come the words, in fact Facebook blogspot tiumenta to add Google search box and saw thousands of tune, but did not comkhe a tune and I like feeling good, and I shared Facebook post tiumenta shared some code to add the box, the code is written in the middle of YOUR-FB-APP-ID, but many do not know what FB-APP-ID, it does not work, so I tuned in, I We have a very simple way to tune up jakera, for you, let’s apply the tune, I started working to add blog, facebook box tiumenta

First, your  Facebook friends and
then  go to the liskasa  would like the following

Like the photo above to My Apps Add a new App by clicking the drop-down at the bottom you would like
Click on the image above in the following WWW will lagute
Like the photo above, that there will be an empty space to write something I wrote AlamCox, after write-down would be like
Create New Facebook App ID button at the top of the image by clicking on the following shall be
Like the photo above as the Business Category, select Create App ID button and enter the following
(1)   at the top of the image at the top of the javaScript code section Edit HTML template of your blog by copying the <body> or the </ body> paste it before .
(Ii)  After the  template for your blog  <b: include data = ‘post’ name = ‘post’ /> Search in this line, then   Copy the code below and  paste it .

<b: if cond = ‘Data: blogpageType == & quot; item & quot;’>
<div id = ‘fb-root’ />
<script> (function (D) {
var JS, id = ‘Facebook-jssdk’ ; if (dgetElementById (id)) {return;}
JS = dcreateElement ( ‘script’); jsid = id; jsasync = TRUE;
jssrc = & quot; // connectfacebooknet enUSalljsxfbml1quot ;;
dgetElementsByTagName ( ‘Head’) [0] appendChild (JS);
} (Document)); </ script>
<div Style = ‘margin: 20px 0 0 0 ; background: white; border: 1px solid silver; ‘> <fb: comments colorscheme =’ light ‘data-version =’ v2.3 ‘expr: href =’ data: post.canonicalUrl ‘expr: title =’ data: post title ‘expr: XID =’ Data: postid ‘width =’ 100% ‘/> </ div>
</ b: if>

To save the template


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