Best 30 Free Photoshop Paint Brush! Photoshop for Beginners | Episode: 1

hat is the importance of a paint brush in Photoshop? Only a skilled graphics designer will understand. This paint brush will save your time greatly in Photoshop. Using a standard brush, you can easily create aesthetic artwork through open hand drawing. Different brush works in different designs. So, with the brush of Photoshop, you can tune in 30 seconds to complete 2 episodes. Hopefully this is the first time you will know how many brushes of your wonderful work.

Click on the brush’s name to download the brush set. Then you will go to the specific site to download. After downloading and after installing it; Sit in Photoshop and do it. The more you use them, the more aesthetic design can be created.


Painterly Brushes

Important drawings of drawings are mentioned here with the link.

Real Markers

Fashionable Graphics Design; For realization, with 12 brushes this Real Markers Brush set is very useful. With this brass set, you can do a great design like a marker sketch; Great way

Ultimate paint

Jonas Stoltz created this Photoshop set with 30 bras. He simply put a blanket on the white board and scanned it again in high resolution. He made this brass set.

Watercolour Shapes

You can use this brass to bring waterproof to your work.

Strokes and splatters

You will be able to bring out the stores and splitter effects through 25 high-resolution brass in your design.

Dry Brushes

Kirk Wallace made this brush set through ink and paper. He gave this brush free of charge.

Photoshop Brush Set

Matt Heath has created this Cool Photoshop Brush Set. She used an 8B pencil and custom settings to give it a natural look.

Splashes of Paint

It’s a set of 30 big brushes. This brush is used to bring the background and texture. It is useful for the next version from Fotoshop CS2.

Doodle Brushes

This is a brush package of 30 Random Scribble. The best of this brush for the greeting cards, web headers.

Dry Brush Strokes

This is a 12 excelent brush package made by Crush Spooner. The best of this brush to get a little wet.

10 Technical Brushes

This brush set made with 10 Illustrative Brushes for technical drawing theme size. These brushes are made from old technical objects.

11 Paint Lines

With 24 free brushes, this set will bring great media effects to your design.

Natural Brushes

Here are the important pieces of the brush to give a natural shape to the picture.

12 Lightning Strikes

This brush set is great for giving your design electrify. There are 18 pieces of brush in this set.

13 Natural Silhouettes

With 19 brush, this set will help to provide fruit and trees.

14 Coffee Stain Brushes

Excellent tea and mimic coffee drips work in this brush to give effect.

15 Vintage Wooden Brush

This brush will come in handy for giving wood effect to the graphics.

16 Dust Particle Brushes

WeGraphics’s created brush set allows you to bring richness and dirt effects to your graphics.

17 Grass & Plant Brushes

With the help of 10 different brushes, you can bring different grass and tree designs. That’s why 500 pixels to 2500 pixels canvas.

18 Ornamental Butterflies 2

It’s a brush design like a butterfly and spinach. It will bring artistic prints to your gallery’s corners and borders.

19 Hi Resulation PS Hair Brushes

It is capable of offering high-resolution iSolated hair styles.

20 Hair Brushes Set 1

Photoshop canvas can be used to set this brush to bring the novelty of the model’s hair. It is a very useful brush for photographers who take photos of those models.

21 Tree Border Brushes

To give effect to different kinds of trees, this brush set is very useful.

22 GreenPack Random Brushes

This brush set is great for giving a theme for a tree made of 4 green brushes.

23 Water Brushes vol. 2

This set of 12 brushes is great for giving water effect to the graphics background.

24 Five Simple Fabric Brushes

This brush is great for printing textile and textile fabrics in the web version of Graphics.

25 Floral Swirls

This brush is used to bring rich floral borders and corner textures into graphics.

26 Fabric Texture

This brush set is great for bringing 9 varied veiled designs.

27 High Resulation Clouds

In this set of 7 brushes you can give different clouds of texture on your image.

28 Cloud Brushes

This is also the cloud-shaped brush in the picture. In this set you get 24 brush sets. Mila Veseliva designed it.

29 Moon Brushes

This brush with 10 different Chadar shapes; Your artwork will reflect the image of Chad.

30 Leaf Brushes

Isolated beautiful leaves give effect to the picture; You can use this brush.

Hopefully this tune has come to your advantage a bit. Share if you like. Please give feedback through tumors below.

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