Basic concepts of web design (episode -01)

To get the idea of ​​web design, first you need to know about web pages, web browsers, IP addresses, domain names, web sites etc


Web Page
I will discuss the web page today. After all the support or encouragement, I will do the next tune, Inshallah

The World Wide Web is briefly called Web. Web page is a web document that is suitable for use in the World Wide Web and Internet browsers. Web page is a file that is stored on servers of different countries for viewing the Internet users, a page on a web site is called a web page.

In short, the important information published by a person or organization is revealed that through the program he is called a web page. Web pages are basically a document or web resource suitable for the World Wide Web. Web pages are usually created by HTML. In reality, HTML is not a programming language, but it is a markup language which is a combination of several markup tags. A web page is viewed on a computer or mobile device through a browser window.

Through the web, personalized business, educational and other information can be combined with graphics, words and even video images in the text of the world, which can be freely presented on the global internet. In other words, the World Wide Web (www) or the web is a world-wide dynamic graphical hyper text input system that runs on the Internet. Origin of the primary concepts of the web from hypertext.

To this day, everybody is good, you are happy to have tune tension in your heart to greet and greetings.

Discuss the web browser in the next phase, stay with it. How nice it would tiumentasa my tune, the next phase is to write what likhabona dipenta on you, because you like to be able to tune that will work,
good bye

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