As a Forex trader Forex News Trading is and why it is important to us? 10

Forex News Trading the Currency Market is the main driving force or fundamental news trading. IMPACT Forex Market News is powered by the high and increasing your profit and avoid loss to understand what this news will give you the advantage. Many new traders understand sharply News about the importance of that when they see a profitable trade becomes Lacey few seconds, while the experienced Forex traders profit is consistent manner on a regular basis.

The following three topics will be understanding about high IMPACT News

1) Forecast (forecast): This is the number athanitibidadera data obtained from the survey, which is usually conducted by the news agency Reuters or Bloomberg. Phorakast makete by the number that is expected to come. For example: If the US enaephapi (nanapharma payroll) phorakast to 272, then to be understood by most economists think the US economy for the month of 272000 job losses.

Ii) Previous (previous): This is the Actual number of the previous month. This number is very important because sometimes re-read our previous data are required.

3) Actual (real): This is the actual data received from the government sutra. Enaephapi’s case, it’s the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) was published. If it is different from the number of phorakast Surprisingly, we are confident that arise Market / will go down. News Trading will take advantage of it.


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