Android’s share of the 30 best pictures of kittens.

Foot tap, Android already has won the trust of millions of people. Java, Symbian, Windows, iPhone, left, who is progressing rapidly at present owned by Google Android smart phone operating system. Now our country has evolved a lot less than the market prices of different companies with multiple features. Android's growth in popularity at the world renowned graphic designer making fun of the picture. Sometimes you up from the inside
Many known and grabbed 30 Best amusing pictures of my favorite Android. The images on your phone / computing of the image of the screen, or you can enjoy bandhurera show.

1. Android is slowly eating apples. This is Steve Jobs of Apple company.

Android, Windows and Apple II died at the extreme joy now. 
3. Android is slowly eating MacBook. 4 sajare Android Apple's feet are standing on the outer coat. 5. Apple has met the rest of the Android. 6. Android Steve Jobs is to meet the requirements. Android bin inside the heads of people dhukacche 7 of 8 android skeleton. 9 Bat Man's Joker card in the hands of Android. 10 boy and girl Android dice: D 11 is more like Apple and Android as well as breakfast. 1 endrayeda grandfather. 13 khudarta Android. 14. dignity. 













15 captions are welcome. 
P. 16 endraida Who is Apple. 17. Target Apple. 18 laser attack! 19-Alien-style fighting in ebhyulusena 0 Android. 





1 takes place in Apple's Android 
X Apple is now in the dustbin. 3 Apple's war on Android Ghosts 4 is fed 5 bakisaba Android operating system. 6 Android! 7 Android Funny attire. 8: D 9 cakugiri Android. 30 palabi Where? 









* All images are just used for fun and collected from Google. Which brand is not expected to be a real small.
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