Alixpress Affiliate Marketing A to Z (Part III) – How to add Traffic Method to EPAN?

Today’s tune will show how to add Traffic Method to EPN?

How to add Traffic Method to EPN –

The EPN has an option called “My Traffic Sources”. The link to the Traffic Method that wants to promote the affiliate link in the Traffic Method is to be added to this option in the EPN. I do not understand the issue? Let’s call it a little clare –

Suppose – Alippress has a choice of product and will promote it. Manually created affiliate link of that product or created Deep Link with Webmaster plugin. Now this link wants to promote a Facebook group.

Copy the Facebook group link to the Facebook group you want to link to, and the “My Traffic Sources” option will be placed in ” ADD TRAFFIC SOURCES ” by EPN .

I hope you will understand the following screenshots.

Go to the EPN dashboard and click on “MY TRAFFIC SOURCES”. See the screenshot below –

Aliexpress Affiliate

Then click on ” ADD TRAFFIC SOURCE” just like the screenshot below .

aliexpress affiliate

After clicking “ADD TRAFFIC SOURCE” the page will appear like the screenshot below and here is your original work-

aliexpress affiliate program

Look closely at the screenshot above. Here you will add your traffic method to the surrounded red color. If you want to promote your link through Facebook group, here you will have to link the Facebook group here. If you want to promote through YouTube videos here The channel link is to be placed. Or if you have a website and Apa on that website If you want to promote affiliate link, then the link to that website will be placed here. Hope you understand the subject.

Goes to the next part –


Look at the screenshot above, click on the name of the offer name and select “Aliexpress”.

In the next section, click on “Choose category of your source of traffic”. Click on the red screen surrounding the screenshot below.-

aliexpress traffic

After clicking on “Choose category of your source of traffic” click on the screenshot below. And here’s a little work. If you want to promote the product through YouTube video, select the “Video review” option here or if you want to promote the product through the Facebook group, then select the “Social group” option. Only according to your traffic method Select the screenshots below, then you will understand –

aliexpress affiliate

In general, you should promote the product in the method first, put the link on it, then select Alipresses and finally you will select it in any category of your traffic method.

And when the three options are completed correctly, click the “ADD TRAFFIC SOURCE” option. See the screenshot below –


As soon as you click on “ADD TRAFFIC SOURCE” you will see “Your traffic source has successfully been.” You have finished updating your traffic method. See the screenshot below –

alexpress affiliate traffic

After adding the traffic method to the above method, the EPN will manually check it out. Even if the instant is added to my ipne account. There is no reason to worry about it because the ipn is all the way to apport.

Click on “MY PLACEMENTS” to see your EPA’s traffic methods. You will see all your traffic methods. See the screenshot below.

aliexpress traffic

Today’s tune is there. So many people have a confusion about traffic method add. I hope this tune will not be there after that tune.

In the next tune, will you use some traffic methods to promote your affiliate link and how to drive a targeted traffic?

Specially tune on YouTube video marketing. I will try to show everything from video making to Insha Allah

Hope to be with you. And do not forget to tune the tune.

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