AliXpress Affiliate Marketing A to Z (First Part) – Create account

Bismillahir Rah-Manir Rahim. This is my first tune in TT. It has been only tune here since a few years. There are no two-line writing. And there are thousands of tech related related content which is enough for any techraprims. Whenever I get some time as a trimester, come here to kill me. .

In the original words,

Those who are involved in online marketing or freelancing, somehow know what affiliate marketing is? In essence, affiliate marketing is being done – promoting someone else’s product or service through a specific or indefinite commission. It means that you are affiliate marketing with any other product or any service and you will get a commission from that product or service cell.

Alixpress Affiliate Marketing is the best and easy to get started. Alipresses do not need to start work or to undo the account of any website or previous experience. It can be easily opened and opening the account with Alixpress Journey. No action is possible in online time. Stay there to stay alive, keep yourself updated every day. It is easy to work here. Someone thinks it is easy to earn in Alixpress.

Let’s see why – Why start affiliate marketing in Alixpress?

  • There is no website to account for Alipresses or to get started. Only one email address can be registered here.
  • You can promote Alipresses affiliate links on all social sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
  • Only $ 10 can be withdrawn if the main balance is available.
  • Creating an affiliate link manually, you can buy any product yourself. There is no problem here.
  • The general commission rate is around 8%.
  • You will get the payment within 5 minutes after the departure.

How to get started?

Alipresses can be started in two ways.

০১। (EPN)

0. Aliexpress Portal

AliXpress Portal is Alipress’s own affiliate program and EPN is the third party.

You can start work by creating one of the above two accounts. However, I would suggest to work on EPN. Because you can start working with any product of Alipresses through EPN. On the other hand, Alipress Portal will not be able to create affiliate links with all the products. Therefore, the portal will not be able to start all the Alipresses products. At the time of withdrawing from the portal, while charging $ 15, the portal provided a little more commission than the EPN. On the other hand, To give only 2% of the charge and after the withdrawal, only 5 minutes Ebamanite dollars in the account, etc, if you want the portal to begin work without having parenaekhane There’s no hard and fast.

In all, it would be best to start an EPN as a Newby.

And at the bottom part, we will show you how to create an EPA account and start the job.

First click on this link .

Then just click on “Sign up” like the picture below

After clicking “Sign up”, a pop up will appear under the sign up text and there will be two options called Webmaster and Buyer. You just click on Justmaster. See the screensaver below.

After clicking on the Webmaster option, a page like the image below will appear and here the automatic WEBMASTER’s CABINET option is selected. Because you do not have to select new ones again.

Please see this screensaver at the top. Many people come face to face with a problem.

In the first place, I will give you First Name and Last Name as well.

Then give a unique Username. Usename will give a little difference and it can be easily remembered. One more thing – if you have already registered an user name with the username, you can not get the same name as the user name. For example, in the above screens, rimonali2017. Now if I sign up for an EPN with this username then you You can not use this rimonali2017 username. You have to change a character. You can give rimon2017 or rimonali17.

If you already have a username that you want to give, then after entering the username in the box, click outside the box will show “Login Not Available” (see the screensaver above). This means that someone else with this username already has an EPN Signed up. Here I have given the username of one of my own ipn account, so here is the login Not Available. (Here is my username hidden).

Hopefully you understand the issue of usernames completely.

Then post your e-mail address in the e-mail’s room.

The password must be minimam 8 symbols, minimize a capital and a small letter. And minim must be given a number.

Password may be such – BANGLAdesh1234 Here, I gave it on BANGLA CAPITAL LETTER and gave it on small letter. I gave 1234 as well.

“Confirm you password” will allow you to re-enter the password.

Give your Skype ID to the first house of Contacts and give your mobile number to the second house.

Look at the screensaver at the top – there are two agri buttons in advance that there is a tick mark, so there is no need to tick the mark again.

And here all your empty houses have been filled up. And to take a little look at the whole page, there is a mistake in either.

If everything is OK, then click on the “SIGN UP” button.

After clicking “SIGN UP” open a new tab in your browser and enter your mail address. And check the inbox. Check out the screenshot –

If you do not receive an email in the inbox, click on the Spam option. See the screensaver below.

If you do not receive mail even after checking inbox and spam folders, wait for a while and check the inbox and spam folder again.

And when you receive the mail, click on it.

And just click on “Activate” like the screensaver below.

Your account has been created on the BSE EPA.

And click on this link to login to EPN .

Then click on “Sign In” in the same page as the screensaver.

After clicking “Sign in”, click on “Sign in” with email and password. Check out the screensaver below –

After clicking on “Sign in”, it will be redirected directly to the Dashboard. If there is no redirect on the dashboard, then the page will appear like the screensaver and click on the “Login to personal account” option to go to the dashboard.

After clicking “Login to personal account”, the screensaver-like interface will appear.

After clicking STATISTICS, General, Transactions and Referrals will get these three options. Click on General and move to the main dashboard.

The main dashboard interface will be like the following screensaver –

So, the account is finished and the dashboard is finished. Now you have to manually make a few halts and see that the identity of the dashboard has become familiar.

The tune was really long. Sorry for the fact that you have become bore.

The next tune will show how to create affiliate links or deep links with AliXpress product. How to create add-ons by using add-ons to create a link to Deep Link or Affiliate Link. And how to start the promotion with that link.

I would like to show some marketing methods through this chain tune. Nothing will be hidden. (Even though I’m not an expert market, I’ll try as much as possible).

I hope you all will be next to you.

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