Alipress Affiliate Marketing A to Z (Second Part) – Affiliate Link and Deep Link Making

Bismillahir Rah-Manir Rahim.

Welcome to the second edition of “Alixpress Affiliate Marketing A to Z” Chain Tune.

Firstly, join our Aliexpress Affiliate Helpline BD Group.

In the first phase , I showed how to do Alipress Affiliate and how to make an account with the EPN.

Those who have not yet made an account with the EPN can access this link . And the first tune has been shown how to create an account . Click here to view the first tune .

The topic goes straight into the topic.

Today’s tune will show how to create affiliate links and deep links.

01. Affiliate Link:

First go to the EPN dashboard and click the “TOOLS” option. See the screenshot below:

After a few seconds of clicking on “TOOLS”, click on “Affiliate link” in the same page as the screenshot below.

After clicking “Affiliate link”, the page will appear like the screenshot below. Notice that in three places I have marked it with red color.

The first part is written in “Name”. The name of the product that you want to promote in this place is to be given. You can give product names as you want from the product page or give your name as you wish.

If you want to promote the following screenshart product from Alixpress, copy the blocking block with a red color and paste this “Name” into the EPN. See the screenshot below: 

Copy the top part and paste it in the “Name” section of the screenshot below. –

Now the work of the next piece is now.

The next part is written in “Any link to Aliexpress”. Here is the link to the Alipresses product.

If you see two screenshot below, then you will understand.

Look at the screenshot above. Copy this link to the blue block in color (above) and paste it in this blank area of ​​”Any link to Aliexpress” in the screenshot below. Check out the screenshot below:

Click on “CREATE AFFILIATE LINK” when you have given name and link to “Name” and “Any link to Aliexpress”. See the screenshot below –

aliepxress affiliate

Wait a few seconds after clicking on “CREATE AFFILIATE LINK” and after some time the page will appear like screenshots.

Alipx account

Look at the top screenshots at the top. Here’s the text of “The creative has been successfully created”. That means your affiliate link has been created.

Now scroll down a little bit. And look like the screenshot below –


Finally, the link that is created by the creator will be the first thing to show. On the screenshots of the above screenshots, the first thing that you want to create the link is the first thing. Click the red blocking section to find the affiliate link. Click within the “SHORTEN” button, just like the screenshot in a few seconds to click. Check out the screenshot –

After clicking “SHORTEN” will come like the screenshot below. Here is the link that can be blocked by the red color of your affiliate link. Check out the screenshot below:

Your job is to promote this link. Now if you give this link through the description of the YouTube video or by any means and by clicking this link, if you buy a product from Alixpress, then you get commission from every product.

Someone suppose you click on this affiliate link and do not buy this product. Buy any other product. You can get commission from all the other products you buy. If you buy 100 products, you can get commission from those 100 products.

2.Deep link:

Many people have some confusion about Deep Link. And if I try to convince you about the duplink through this tune, many will not understand.

So there are a lot of videos on how Deep Link will be created.

How To Create Diplink By Using Add-ons To see the following video –

How To Create Deeplink

I hope you understand how to create affiliate links and deep links.

Promotional link with this affiliate link and deep link now

The next tune will show how and in some places will promote your link.

So wait for the next tune, and do not forget to tune the tune.

Thank you for the trouble reading tune.

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