Add more buttons to the title bar through the Etc Utility utility and along with the LAN Chatting Software as a Bonus and the Art Use Tool!

Salam and greetings to everyone. I hope the ‘TT’ friends are all good. Yes i am fine After several days I was sitting in the post office, and I am very happy to be writing some of the objectives of the celebrated visitors. In fact, due to the fact of my studies and other occupations, unintentionally TT has been going through a little bit of sleep. However, the favorite tech site Tectures A- Although not able to post anything manually, seeing the posts of all the respected writers here and entering the visitor. However, going back to the main discussion of the post-

Today, however, you will be giving two posts. The first one is to add more buttons to the titles in addition to some buttons.

Yes friends Really! Although we use different operating systems on a PC, when using a tab or window, usually there are three buttons in the titlebar for a program.

These are Minimize, Maximize & Close Button . You will notice, however, that if this titlebar can be used to minimize the system tray button, the top button at all, the button to hide the program, the button to wrap the program, etc. How it works! This means that you can add more buttons like your own happiness.
Yes, this is the benefit of Extra Button Software. After installing the software, there will be nine buttons on the titlebar. These are Minimize to Tray, Minimize to Common Tray, Minimize to Box, Roll-up / Unroll, Always on top, Push to Background, Transparency Present, Tune Transparency and Run Application to copy | Also, if you want to remove any button, you can go to the Properties of Extra Button in the system tray. And pressing the right mouse button on the taskbar’s current program will have all the options of the buttons.Extra Button  Utility installed on a PC will show the following interface:

Just download this free software like 1 MB from below link – you can download it from .

LAN Chatting Software and Use Art Strategy !!

Many of us use different chatting softboards for work convenience. Some of them are free and paid versions. But these softwares: chatting by adding different sites such as desktop or widget. However, when there is more than one computer in our home / organization, many people use the LAN card. LAN card originally shares a file with PC and sharing net connections to other PCs. However, now those who use the LAN line are now able to chat with each other easily through one software and share files with them. The name of this software is – Achat Line . There are actually a few screens for the LAN, but all are trials. Of course, AchatFully Free and Open Source To use it, there must be a LAN card attached to both PCs. After installation, connect the net and automatically show the user name. Then you can understand where the user is located.

Download the software from here . To find out more, visit this link:

Another thing to do is to install Full Computer Internal LAN. Then you will get everyone and everyone will get you. In addition to Chatting, you can also do any file transfer.

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